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Prayer Warriors

Bloggy friends, my heart is so heavy. One years ago, the son of friends of ours was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. The doctors told the family that very few children survive this particular type of cancer. Still, they trusted God with all their hearts for a healing. Ian is just 13 years old. This month he has endured one full year of chemo.

Two weeks ago Ian was declared cancer free, the family rejoiced! Around the same time, he started experiencing strange headaches and dizziness. This week they were told that the cancer has spread to his brain and spine. Oh Father in heaven. The prognosis is, unfortunately, not good. There is very little treatment that can work from here on. The family has been told that Ian could have 4-8 weeks to live.

My heart just cannot imagine. How do you deal with that? The family is standing firm in their faith—they are NOT giving in to hopelessness. They are being carried on the wings of eagles and many interceding on Ian’s behalf. This is obviously a devastating time for them.

Would you pray with me? Would you trust with the family that our miracle-working God would perform another miracle in Ian’s life? Here is a link to their website. Would you join countless others as we bring this child of God and his precious family before the throne of God? I know they appreciate all the prayers they can get in the next few weeks. Ian’s Dad, David, has posted a list of prayer requests in the journal section of their website (look under last Wednesday).

Be blessed, sweet friends who follow my journey in the Lord.

A recent photo of Ian