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praying for their Christmas miracles

Hello, friends.  Here is a list I have put together of children who are in URGENT need of a family to come for them.  Some have mere days left to find a family, others have urgent medical needs, and a few just need the body of Christ to rally for and to care for them by sharing their story in the hope that they will be found. 

All of these angels have one thing in common.  They ALL need to be chosen.  They all need to be loved, to be embraced, to be given every opportunity under heaven and earth to be all who God has created them to be.  Family!  They all so desperately need a family.

Please read their stories and then share them anywhere you possibly can in the hope that God will move on someone’s heart to GO!  Each one of these children needs a Christmas miracle–the gift of a family.



“Kyle is a sweet and very handsome boy who greatly wants a family of his own.   He wanted to be adopted by my wife for sure. He bonded with her during an orphans’ camp that she volunteered at this last July. It was in Yantai. I believe that he could still bond with another family. He loves basketball and airplanes. He has not been in the orphanage all his life. He was placed there three years ago after his mother’s death. His father died when he was about two. His surviving family is unable to support him. He won’t talk about his mother’s death. Some of his family believe he may have witnessed it. He is respectful and mature. His only special need is his age. He is normal in all accounts as far as we know.”


Anyone interested in finding out more about adopting Kyle can contact Donna right here.



Shannon has mild CP which weakens her left hand and leg. Her speech is not affected. She likes to take walks, jump rope, and do calligraphy. She is smart; does well in school, and likes history and language arts. Her dream is to go to college and become a lawyer. Others think she will be a teacher because she always helps care for and teach the younger children. Shannon knows some English and really wants to learn more.  Shannon is LONGING for a family of her own.  Her best friend has been adopted by an American family and they are in frequent contact with each other. 

Beautiful Shannon will turn fourteen in February!  She is running out of time fast!  Surely someone will go for this lovely young lady?

More information about Shannon can be found here.


Michelle is thirteen years old.  This girl is ready and waiting for a family to call her own and doesn’t have much time to find them as she will age out when she reaches fourteen.  Michelle’s infectious smile and outgoing nature have made her many friends, and she has a great capacity for affection. One of Michelle’s great joys is singing with friends.

Given Michelle’s age, it is critical that a paper-ready or near-paper-ready family finds her very quickly before she “ages out” at fourteen and is unable to be adopted. It would be heartbreaking for this lovely girl not to have a family when she is so close!
Michelle’s file is with Great Wall of China‘s Waiting Child Program. For more information about possibly adopting Michelle, please contact  [email protected] or [email protected].


David has been waiting his entire life for a family!
HIS ENTIRE LIFE!  Oh my goodness.
He was born in 1998 in southwest China. This boy is enjoyable and energetic. He is always eager to get out and play soccer, volleyball, or whatever sport anyone will play with him. David is quiet and enjoys drawing. The orphanage director says he is quite mature and very smart. David has amazing potential to be a strong leader.

His special need is cleft lip and palate. He has stated repeatedly that he wants to be adopted! He wants a family!  Poor boy.

Please share David’s story and let’s believe that his very long wait for a family will finally come to end.  This boy needs to be CHOSEN!!!

More information about adopting David can be found here
Brianna is a twelve-year-old young lady who is longing for a family of her own.  She knows that she has until she turns fourteen to adopted.
Brianna is a hard worker who has hopes and dreams to become a nurse when she grows up. Her classroom skills are continually improving, and she wants to do well in school. Getting along well with her teachers and peers seem to come naturally to Brianna, and she says that she has a desire to help other people when she can.  The only issue she has is trouble with her knee–but that does not stop her from walking and playing with her friends.

Please contact [email protected] with questions about making Brianna’s dream of having her own family come true. 

What a beautiful addition to any family this precious girl would be!
Wendy is another beautiful twelve year old who is running out of time to find a family.

She attends school and is determined to grow stronger physically as well as academically. Wendy was excited about the challenge of starting public school this fall and is making progress there. She is meeting her goals one at a time, improving in self control and participation in class. She enjoys math and gets along well with other children. Additionally she participates in special events like the jump-rope competition. Her teachers have noticed her strength and diligence.


Wendy is longing for a family!  Please help her dream become a reality.  For more information about adopting this sweet girl, please contact  [email protected].

Ahhhh….just look at this darling boy.  This is Jack.

Jack was born in October 2000 in an eastern European country. He says he would love to find a family with a brother or sister of a similar age so they can play together.  Before he was about to transfer to the older child orphanage, he asked a visitor, “Do you know anyone who would like to take a boy like me. I would really like a visitor, at least, because I am all alone and I have no one.” He is open and easily shows his emotions.  He has always seen parents coming for the younger children.
Jack lives with HIV.  He asked, “What do I need to do for a mom to come? Do you know where she is? Is she looking for me?” He has enough mental fortitude to maintain his positive outlook on the world.
Breaks my heart!
Surely someone will give this adorable boy the ONE thing he is asking for…a family?  Surely it’s not too much to ask for?  PLEASE share his story!  More information can be found right here.
Karen is a beautiful Roma girl with dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin.  At 15, she is healthy and smart and has no diagnosed special needs. She goes to school and has no negative behavioral issues. She is just a teen in need of a loving family! Karen has a sister, Chrystyna, who is also available for adoption. 

Karen and Chrystyna are living in different orphanages but in the same region. It would be wonderful if they could be adopted together, but our facilitator says it may be possible to adopt them separately. If you might be seeking a sibling set, please inquire! Both girls need a loving family!

More information about Karen and Chrystyna can be found here.

Oh my goodness, how can I not share this sweet boy with you all? 
Sam, as I’ll call him, is a handsome eight-year-old boy who is already living in an institution for adults and children with special needs! His needs are barely being met, yet he has a beautiful spirit and greets his biological grandmother, who visits him when she can, with a smile. Sam has been diagnosed with CP and has made good physical progress with very minimal therapy. He is a little boy with great potential locked in a broken body.  
Three years ago a family traveled to his eastern European country and adopted Sam’s sister.  For three years they have done everything they possibly could to find a family for the little brother they had to leave behind.  Many have inquired.  Many have seen his information.  Sadly, he still waits.  No one can committed to bringing him home.
Anyone wanting more information about adding this adorable little angel to their family can contact Katie at [email protected].  Thank you!
What a beautiful little lovie Miss Ellie is!  Just look at her smile.

Ellie was born in 2000 and has mild CP. 
“She is active, extroverted, has a ready smile, and is very polite. She will voluntarily say hello to familiar people and is very adorable. In the institute, she is fond of reading books, drawing pictures, playing with toys and games, and doing the training with other kids to help strengthen her limbs.  She is very optimistic and gets along very well with other kids.

At present, Ellie is studying in the pre-primary school class. She can count from one to 100 and write numbers within ten. Her language ability improves very quickly; she can read children’s songs, tell stories, and performs songs, etc.  At present, she can walk alone but not very steadily.

Although Ellie is living with a big family, she still wants to have a family of her own, with a father and mother who love her very much. Having waited for years and years for her turn to come, Ellie envies those kids who are adopted. When she sees them adopted by foreign families, she will say to caretakers with tears in her eyes: “ I also want a father and a mother.” How eager is she to have the care and protection from parents! As a result, she is willing to be adopted by families, especially foreign families.”

Ellie has been listed on so many waiting-child sites and numerous agencies have advocated for her. No one has chosen her…yet!  So heartbreaking.
Sweet little girl.  Who will go for her?  Anyone wanting more information about lovely Ellie can contact my friend, Annie, at [email protected].   
Isn’t this little boy just an angel?  His name is Sergey and he is only four.   

Sadly for Sergey, even at his tender age, he has already been transferred to a mental institution!  An institution, for heavens sakes!  They are generally awful–a place where only the most basic of needs are met.  Sergey has strabismus and HIV and is cognitively normal. He is physically active and developing well. His caregivers describe him as being a kind boy, never aggressive. Sergey is a happy boy with a wonderful smile. He gets along well with other children. Photos and videos available.
Oh, my heart aches for him.  Just four years old and already transferred.  How can it be?  Surely someone will rescue this sweet little darling from a life of absolute misery?  I have to believe it.
Unfortunately, NOT ONE family has ever inquired about adopting Sergey!  Not one.  He has been overlooked so many times.  Please share his story in the hope that that will change.  More information can be found here.
And last, but certainly not least, this little cutie is Wyatt. 
Friends, Wyatt so desperately needs someone to come for him.  Recent updates state that this little guy is not doing well.  He is hanging on by a thread in Eastern Europe.  He is described as a recumbent (lying down) patient. Along with his Down syndrome, he has hydrocephalus and can hardly move his hands.
How desperately this sweet boy needs to be rescued!  Just like Lilianna, he is literally wasting away in a crib!
Wyatt has a grant of more than $3000.  PLEASE share his sweet little face and his story in the hope that he WILL be saved! 
More information on Wyatt is here.  An advocacy site for Wyatt has been set up here.  Please pray for this angelic treasure. 
If I have missed an e-mail or you know of another child desperately needing their story to be shared, please leave a comment with a link to where they are listed as well and any information you can share about them.  Thanks!
PLEASE share this page wherever you can.  All these children just need ONE family, ONE person to say yes!  Please share their stories in the hope that we can find their parents.  I appreciate that so very much.
Trusting and believing with all my heart for their Christmas miracles.