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recently…in pictures

It’s been a busy season in our family.  The end of another school year. (How can that even be?)  Four children playing four different sports in four different locations.  Therapies.  Projects that need to be completed. Trusting God in all things–even when they don’t make any sense. Seeking His heart always!

And the beautiful gift of new life added to our extended clan.  We just adore sweet baby Zander and his precious mommy.

So in love with this little bundle of absolute joy.

And his sweet sister too.  She’s getting so big and so very pretty.  My darling Stella.

I had such a beautiful time last week as I got to spend the day with these little treasures.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for these sweet angels and the absolute gift that they are to our family.

We shopped. Don’t all girls love to shop?

Spring has finally arrived!  So grateful.

This one?  She is such a Daddy’s girl.  When he’s home, she only has time for her Daddy. I am so grateful that she knows the passionate love of a father–his strong arms to pick her up every time she asks, his knowledge of every Barney song on the planet, and his love that knows no limits.

My Daddy!

Tiny one getting big(ger).  She has a birthday coming up.  I cannot believe that Hailee is going to be nine years old.

She brings us such joy, this little lovie.

My two littlest boys.

They’re growing up too.  {Sniff}

Handsome boys.

Love them madly.

My beautiful teen.  Rocking her new do…which she absolutely loves!

My lovely young ladies.

Blossoming, glowing, and becoming all who God has created them to be.

Seriously!  How did my oldest son even get to be so big, so quickly?

Looking more and more like his handsome dad, I think.

As a precious friend deals with the devastating loss of her little son, I am reminded today that every day is such a precious gift from heaven.

The Bible calls life a vapor (James 4:14). I’m beginning to understand that more and more as I parent my blessings.

“Each day is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to Him.” ~~  T.D Jakes