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set free!

Oh my goodness!

I know that SO many of you prayed for this little boy to be released from being held in an orphanage due to the horrible decision of one judge.  Many of you have followed along as we, the army of God, came together to hold up the arms of this sweet family in a battle to save the life of one little angel (already the son born in their hearts) in Russia.

Then, I posted here that the Supreme Court overturned that horrible decision when the Davis family appealed.  We all rejoiced.

Today…just look at this.  I have to share the miracle with you all.

I get all teary just looking at these beautiful pictures.

Today Kirill was finally placed in the loving arms of his parents who NEVER gave up on him!  Even when the mountains before them seemed ginormous….they never gave up hope.  They never gave up on their child…just as our Father never gives up on us. 

Today we rejoice because this little lovie is safe, protected and cherished more than he can even know.

The battle has been won and the enemy scattered.

Today we give the Everlasting Father ALL the praise.

And ALL the honor.

And ALL the glory.

For great things He has done.

Our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness to our God who sits upon the throne–defender of the orphan.

Kirill has been set free!

Thank you for trusting and believing that this day would happen, friends.  God hears the prayers of the righteous.  “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  James 5:16

No, I have not forgotten about my T21 post.  I just could not let today, Kirill’s gotcha day, go by without showing you all what redemption looks like in the life of one little boy.  

All heaven rejoices.