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My heart breaks for all orphans. But every now and then a story ends up in my inbox that just brings me to my knees–begging the Father to intercede. They’re the cries for help for children who find themselves in heartbreaking situations–desperate for a miracle.

In my home is the sweetest fourteen-year-old girl you will ever meet.  Eight years ago she was sent back to her orphanage after her original adoptive family felt that they could not parent her.  A tough decision for the family, no doubt.  A devastating consequence for a little girl who had a family, and then didn’t. We understand firsthand what these children go through.  We see it.  We live it every day.

And so it was through tears that I recently heard about a girl who has found herself in a very similar situation to that of our sweet daughter.  Thirteen-year-old Summer waited for two years for her family to come for her.  I’m told that she devoured photo albums and waited for the day when she would finally have her dream fulfilled–to be adopted abroad and to know the love of a family. Sadly though, for whatever reason, the family arrived in her country, and after having her in their hotel room for two days, felt that they could not proceed with her adoption.


After two years of waiting, Summer was sent back to the orphanage.

The amazing folks at the Starfish Foster Home heard about Summer not doing well after the disruption and thankfully flew to her city to bring her back to their foster home.  They shared with me that the hardest part for them is seeing this sweet girl blame herself for the failed adoption.  Was she not good enough?  Was it her fault?  Their hearts are breaking for her as she adjusts to her life without a family once again.

Summer with her new friend from Starfish.


Summer has cerebral palsy that only affects her limbs. She can walk! She can go up and down stairs holding the rail. She is independent in all of her self-care. Her speech is not affected. She loves music and arts & crafts, and she can play the piano with one finger. I read in a report, “She played several songs on the piano for all of us. She was at that time 11 years old and had taught herself to play the piano with a single finger. She played quite skillfully, especial given her CP condition. She is known as “The Piano Girl” and the city newspaper has even published an article of her story. In addition to piano playing, she has many other talents and interests. She enjoys arts & crafts and makes very beautiful silk flowers which involves very intricate hand-eye coordination. She also is a skilled artist and has even produced artwork for a fundraiser that was held at the local high school to support the center.”

There is a video of Summer HERE where she shares “I am learning English so that when my adoptive family comes to get me I can easily communicate with them.”  She also says she can do many creative things like make flowers, beads, and jewelry. At the end when she holds up flowers she says that if anyone wants to adopt her she will give these (flowers) to them because she is grateful.

Sweet, sweet girl.

Summer on the left.


Friends, we desperately need your help.  Summer needs the body of Christ to rise up on her behalf.  She has been left with just a few weeks to find a family.  According to Chinese adoption laws, she has to be legally adopted before she turns fourteen on May 15!

A tall order?  Yes!  Impossible?  Never!

Summer’s only hope is to find a family who is far into the Chinese adoption process and will add her to their adoption very quickly.

Summer with her friend from Starfish.


~~  The family would need to be close to travel approval and already be approved for two children.

~~  They would need to be willing to work hard to expedite the process.

It’s not impossible.  We have seen this done before.  Remember Noah (now Luke)?  What a crazy, miracle story that was!

Would you please help us to share this urgent need?  If you know of anyone who is adopting from China and is approved for two children, would you share this need please?  Share it wherever you can, and let’s believe for Summer’s miracle.  

We believe that ALL things are possible.  We believe that where two or more are gathered, He is there in the midst.  We believe that God sets the lonely in families…and that He can do this too.

Because she matters so very much to God…and to us too!

Anyone who would like more information can contact [email protected].  Many photos and videos are available for interested families. I believe that a fundraiser has already been set up to cover her adoption costs. Serious inquiries only, please.

Now unto Him who is exceedingly, abundantly ABLE…