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For this mommy, it just doesn’t get sweeter than this.

A protective arm around her sister.

These sisters are completely inseparable.

One non-verbal.  The other–her voice.

My hearts melts every time I see how close they are.  God knew they would need each other–even before the foundation of the earth.  Born in opposite ends of China,  He chose to put them together in our family.  Coincidence?  No way. No such thing!

No one could love Haven the way her little sister (who is so much bigger in size than she is) does.  No one.  I am positive of that.

The bond amazes me.  What amazes me even more is how Hannah-Claire knows her sister.  Not just on a surface level, but a deep knowing.  She truly has become Haven’s voice.  A God-breathed gift to her sister, who is unable to voice anything.

I marvel at how God works things out.  I’m in awe of how He orchestrates things.  All He needs are willing hearts and listening ears–those who will go when He says go.  I cannot imagine what we would have missed out on had we not have heard Him leading us to these two girls.

Their bond is such a beautiful thing.  So meant to be.

In awe tonight.