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summer loving

Summer is finally in full swing, and we could not be happier.  Whew…I needed a break from homeschool.  Books have been put away and we’re looking forward to all things summer!

Summer is definitely my favorite season of the year. There is just something wonderful about hot weather and lazy days at home and at the pool. I love being able to get up later in the mornings, and not really have much of an agenda. This summer we plan on doing just that…taking things slower and keeping our schedule down to a minimum.

We have some serious water babies.  All seven of them absolutely love the water.  They can stay in there until their little bodies turn into shrivelled prunes.

It reminds me so much of my summers in South Africa when I was a child. We were always in the water. Whether it be the pool in our yard, at a neighbor’s house, or at the beach. We pretty much lived in the water. My mom and dad allowed us to swim for hours–sometimes late into the night. And so we did. The thought of sitting indoors playing video games (the fabulous Atari, of course) and watching TV had absolutely no appeal. Summers were for being outdoors in the glorious sunshine.

I love watching my children enjoying the same things.

Catching a ride with Daddy is awesome.

Harper gets so tanned! Just like her Dad.

We’ve been so blessed to already have been able to visit with dear friends, and are so looking forward to catching up with others later in the summer. I cannot even tell you how loved we feel by those who travel from faraway just to come and see us. The blessing of friendships and kindred hearts!

The Lord has brought some of the most amazing people into our lives. Friendships are such a gift from the Father–they are never governed by distance nor time. Years can go by without seeing each other face to face. But the moment we’re together again, it’s as if we were never apart. As Anthony and I have moved and traveled to different parts of the world, we sure have met some of the most incredible people. Some come and go, but others stay forever.

We feel exceedingly blessed to call so many of them friends for life.

We’re all so different–but we’re so much the same.

So what else is on the cards for the next couple of months for our family?

A little as possible, actually.

I’m looking so forward to spending quality time with my family. Please understand that even though I read each and every e-mail I receive, I am going to make precious time with my family my top priority in the next few weeks. I am being very intentional about making their summer memories ones they will cherish forever–and so time on the computer will be kept down to a minimum. Yes, I’ll update my blog, but that’s about it.  I’m being very purposeful to give my children my time, my full attention, and the most fabulous memories of summer 2011.

I am so thankful that my Mom and Dad gave us the best summers. They are memories I treasure to this day. I want to pass that same gift on to my children.

I want them to remember these days for the rest of their lives. I long for them to have beautiful memories of the times with family, friends, fun outings, and amazing times together.

I pray that your summer will be filled with God’s most amazing blessings and that your families will also build memories that will last a lifetime.