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ten random things

~~~  Thanks for all the e-mails asking about NOAH.  Unfortunately, still no family.  Please keep praying!

~~~  So happy it’s Friday.  Time to spend the weekend with my Honey.  Being apart during the week is just my worst!  I miss him something awful.  But this too shall pass.  Of that I am fully confident.

~~~  Harpy is doing so well at this altitude.  Though the journey may be difficult and times are challenging….that one thing makes it all so very worth it.  SHE is worth it.

~~~  Connor has his first homecoming dance this weekend.  How in the world did we even get to this point so quickly? He’s going with a group of his friends because, “If I take someone then I have to buy her ticket and pay for her dinner before the dance.  Geez, Mom, women are expensive!” Funny. It’s going to be weird to see him all dressed up. We are so proud of our oldest son.  He is loving his new school and is excelling.  He has a dream in his heart for when he graduates, but in order to see it fulfilled he needs to keep his grades very high and excel in sports too. This is his first year running on the cross country team.  He’s a kid on a mission–loving Jesus every step of the way.

~~~  One new member in the family is officially TEN POUNDS HEAVIER!  Any guesses who that might be?  It’s a huge milestone.  Every pound is a victory–ten is awesome!

~~~  Snow flurries today and then back in the seventies next week.  Crazy!

~~~  Harper’s speech is just blossoming.  We love her new words.

~~~ Thank you for all the e-mails I have received from business owners.  I am going to start sharing your amazing businesses soon.  So excited about that.

~~~  Thinking about cutting my hair much shorter.  Midlife hair moment.

~~~  I am slowly but surely getting to my goal weight.  So grateful for healthier eating habits and the ability to fit into clothes I have not worn for years.  It feels good. 

~~~  Fall is not my best.  It means that winter comes next and I am so not a winter girl. I wish it could be summer all year (my Southern Hemisphere blood!). But what amazes me is watching the trees at this time of year.  How does a tree know that right now, at the beginning of October, they must change color and then drop their leaves?  No tree is too late. No tree hangs onto their green leaves (unless they were created to). Pretty amazing.  Makes me wonder how anyone can not believe in an Almighty Creator of all things? His creation alone speaks of His glory and splendor.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone.