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they said she would never get it

The more I journey this road called redemption with Hasya, the more I stand completely amazed at what GOD can do in a child. I have seen His faithfulness through my daughter more than I ever have in my life.

I remember when we arrived home from Bulgaria last January.  Hasya had been taken out of the only environment she had ever known–a crib.  She was beyond traumatized!  The world was a frightening place and she was struggling to deal with everything–touch, open space, different sounds.  EVERYTHING was scary. All she did was cry and cry and cry.  Desperate, gut-wrenching sobbing and wailing.

The flight home was terrifying for Hasya.  By the time we arrived in Colorado after many hours of flying, she was a total mess emotionally and physically.  It was awful.  Fragile, malnourished, dehydrated, and hanging on by a thread, she had absolutely zero ability to cope with life. 

A couple of days after being home (and being sent home by the first ER we visited), in desperation I drove Hasya to Denver Children’s Hospital.  She refused to eat anything at all. We couldn’t even get her to take a few drops of water by mouth.  She was shutting down and couldn’t wake up.  I drove the two-and-a-half-hour journey praying all the way.  Scariest thing I have ever been through!  I honestly thought I may lose her while driving.  My friend, Elizabeth, who is a doctor, shared some of what we were up against HERE.  We didn’t even know half of it at that point.

Hasya was admitted straight into the hospital and so began her journey toward becoming as healthy as possible.  The nasal-gastric tube was a huge blessing by enabling us to get nutrition in her. They started giving her just a few drops at a time to prevent her emaciated body from getting refeeding syndrome–too much food too quickly could potentially cause her internal organs to shut down.  Her tiny body was just not used to nutrition.

And then began the discussions about how to feed her long term. We all agreed that a gastric tube implanted by surgery directly into her stomach was the best way to ensure that she was getting nutrition.

Hasya in the hospital

I remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

Doctor:  “You need to be prepared for the fact that Hasya will more than likely be G-tube dependent for life.”

Me: “Thanks for the warning, but I truly believe that God is able to do immeasurably more in her life.  I believe with all my heart that she will get this!”

I got the look.  The one that said “delusional mother,” without even saying a word.

After an incredibly difficult first few months home (including a spontaneous fracture on her femur just days after being released from the hospital), we gradually started reintroducing pureed food–literally one tiny little morsel at a time.  After many tries, she stopped gagging every time the food touched her lips. She was learning!  Within weeks and after much persevering, she finally knew that food was a good thing, and before long, we had a little bird opening her mouth every time the spoon touched her mouth.  A beautiful victory!

Now, Hasya loves her food and it has been such a joy teaching her to love new flavors and even foods with different textures.  Her food is still pureed, and that’s okay.  She’s doing it!

But we have really struggled with the liquids.  For over a year she has NOT wanted to take anything liquid by mouth.  At all!  We have tried different bottles and sippy cups.  We have tried syringes and cups.  Absolutely nothing has worked.

Still, we trusted in our miracle-working God–fully believing that the day would come when Hasya would no longer need a G-tube.

Today, we got our miracle.

Just like that…

…she was ready to try again.

Today something just clicked and SHE DID IT!

Look how absolutely precious (all 7 seconds of it!)…

OF COURSE SHE CAN DO IT! from Adeye Salem on Vimeo.

That’s our clever girl!

The one who they said would never learn how to eat and drink by mouth.

Isn’t God amazing? This girl is sixteen years old, weighs nearly forty pounds now (hallelujah!), and for the very first time in her life she’s learning skills that so many of us take for granted.

They said it simply wasn’t possible, given all that she had been through!

God said, “Of course it is!”

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”  ~~ Luke 18:27