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his time, not mine

There are so many things that I just don’t get right all the time.  Actually, truth be told, there is a ton of stuff that I miss the mark on.  Being the patient and loving Creator that He is, God is so very good to continually put me on the right path, no matter how many times I stuff up.  And I do.  A lot.

Today I read the Fisher’s latest post on their blog.  As many of you know, they are in a country adopting a sweet boy that so many of you helped me to advocate for just a few months ago.  The good news is that tomorrow they will get to meet their son. 

Up until today Vanya had not been told that a family was coming for him.  I understand why–being an older child at eight, the orphanage most probably wanted to wait until the very last minute to break the news to him just in case something fell through.  Those of us who have journeyed the adoption road know all too well that things can go wrong.  I’m sure that the director of the orphanage knew that the only thing this little guy wanted in his life was a family to call his own.  It could potentially be devastating to him if he had been told earlier and then things fell through.  Gosh, that would be awful!  So I’m sure that it has only been in Vanya’s best interests to withhold the news until the Fischers were actually there.

Well, that time has come and tomorrow they will walk into the orphanage and meet their little boy.  This week the director asked Vanya, “What if a family was coming for you?”  He got very excited.  And then she asked him, “What if they come from a different country and don’t speak your language?”

Vanya’s answer?

“That’s okay…my mama and papa will teach me!”

Oh my goodness.  Nothing matters to him.  No language.  No cultural differences.  No color differences.  FAMILY!  That’s all Vanya wants.  He doesn’t care about anything else.

I have been thinking about it a lot today.  I found myself asking the Father, “Why in the world did no one go and rescue this little guy sooner?  Why has he had to wait eight long years for a family of his own?  Why has he had to go through the pain of asking every day of his life if it is his turn to be chosen?” 




I cried for Vanya today as I reflected on what God has done for him.  So many of you have played a part in his miracle.  Had it not been for the outpouring of love from all of you, Vanya would be left with little hope.  He would be transferred to an institution any day now and all hope would be lost.  Forever.

I wondered a hundred times, “Why not sooner than this?”

The answer is simple, really.  Because God’s timing is perfect.  And mine is not.

When will I ever get that?  I mean, really get it

When will I ever get to a place where I can truly get in my heart that He does make ALL things beautiful is HIS time.  Not mine.  My timing is awful.  His is perfect.  Never a moment too soon.  Never a moment too late.

Vanya’s rescue is all according to His will.  His plans and His purposes for this boy are already unfolding.  God is already beginning to use his life and his testimony for HIS glory.  I cannot even tell you how many hearts have been opened and softened to HIV adoption or older child adoption because of Vanya.  God is using him already.  Even now. 

He is being adopted at a perfect time–ordained by the hand of the Father.

Just as this little love….

And this one too….

(Totally loving that little belly growing.)

Were rescued in God’s perfect timing. 

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s timing.

There are some things in my life that are so easy to trust God for.  I have faith that can move mountains when it comes to certain things.

But timing?

I fail.


I want things done like yesterday.  I don’t like waiting.  I cannot even count how many times I have taken matters into my own hands and rushed full steam ahead with sheer gusto, only to get to the destination and realize that I had missed it completely.  God never commanded me to rush ahead and demand that He follow me.  Nope!  His command is to follow Him. He must lead, and I must follow. 

Anthony and I have been reading a lot in the book of Exodus this year.  The story of God leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Promised Land is such an amazing account of God’s faithfulness and His perfect timing to rescue His people.

I love what Moses said to the Lord in the 33rd chapter.  “If you don’t personally go with us, don’t make us leave this place.” 

What Moses was saying to the Lord was, “God, UNLESS you go before us, I’m not budging one single step.  You have to go first and then we will follow.  Unless your presence goes before us, we stay right here.”

God’s presence was so important to Moses, wasn’t it? It was everything to him. Moses got it! He really did. The Promised Land didn’t mean squat to him unless God’s presence was with them. In other words, “You can give me the land of milk and honey, you can take care of my needs in every way imaginable…but unless you are with me, well, I don’t care about that stuff.  I’m waiting for You to move and then, and only then, will I go.”

Unless you go before me!

Of course, the Promised Land was a good thing and everything that Moses and his people could ever have dreamed of having.  But to Moses, God’s presence going before them was more important than the Promised Land.  I think the dude had his priorities just right.  Moses knew how to wait for the Lord.

First God moves.  And then we follow. 

When the cloud moves–we move.  When the pillar of fire moves–we move.

Everything in HIS time.  Not mine. 

Sometimes I get that right.  Other times I put the goal, the thing, or the destination before my God.  It becomes an idol in my life.  Not a good thing.

God’s timing IS perfect, my friends.  He is always faithful to rescue us, His people.  Never a moment too soon. 

But never, ever a moment too late.