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an update on kyle

Many, many people have written to me today asking for an update on Kyle.  So many of you have been praying this week–trusting that someone would step forward to adopt this sweet boy.

I wish I could share good news with you tonight.  Oh, how I wish! But sadly, there is still no family for Kyle.

One family did try everything they possibly could today, but there is just not enough time to complete all the necessary paperwork and the agency said it was impossible. Kyle needed a paperwork ready family–one who was already in the process of adopting a child from his country and would be willing to add this dear one to their adoption. The family had to be traveling very soon in order to complete the adoption on time. That was his only hope.

But there was none.  Today we have been told that time has run out for Kyle and very sadly so has his chance of having a family of his own. In just a few short weeks he will turn fourteen–the age when an orphan can no longer be adopted from his country.

Many have asked what will happen to him now.  I have no idea.  He will become another statistic of a child who ages out of the system.  I cannot even bear the thought of it.  It is an awful, hopeless situation for these young people who get released from orphanages.  My heart cannot fathom it. It is so not fair. 

Please remember Kyle in your prayers.  I cannot even imagine what must be going through his mind right now.  How devastating to know that your only dream–the opportunity to have a real name (not some random orphanage name) and to love and be loved by a family–is gone!

With an aching heart for this young man.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!