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I know that many of you don’t follower along on FB, so I thought I would update here too.  Hasya did very well yesterday.  They removed her four remaining baby teeth as well as a couple of permanent teeth to make space for more adult teeth to come down. Intubating her was challenging, but thankfully after her last surgery they knew to use narrower pipes (or whatever they’re called).  She charmed everyone with her sweet personality (of course!) and we were able to come home later in the afternoon with some pain medication.  We’re so thankful for your prayers.

Such a tiny little bundle of absolute sweetness.With her extremely limited vision, she CAN see me if I put my face right up to hers.  So we do it.  Often.

Now on to finally getting Harper’s surgery done on January 27.  This is the fifth time we are trying to get this done! Every time we have had to cancel because of congestion or something else that she has been struggling with.  She needs to be perfectly healthy for them to do it–a challenge for our baby girl in the winter. Please believe with us that we can keep her completely well in the next 12 days.  We’re very much wanting to get this one over and done with–and hopefully get some answers as to why she struggles so much with the dreaded croup through the winter. Thanks!

Blessings to you all this Wednesday.  He is a FAITHFUL GOD!