a winner, a recipe, and old farm animals

Oh my goodness, that little giveaway was so much fun.  I have to do that again soon.  Your guesses were so hilarious.

Curious about what those things actually were?

Were they earrings?


Were they musical instruments?


Were the jump ropes?


Writing things?


A feather duster?

Oh no!

They are……


Easy, huh?

Just for fun, I’m giving the winner these adorable salt and pepper shakers too. All the way from my hometown, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Six or seven of you guessed either salad servers, or servers, or serving spoons…anything close to salad servers went into the drawing.

I had a little guy, who we think is positively one of the most endearing little boys in the world,  do the drawing.

And the winner is……

Get in touch with me, my friend, so that I can get your prize off to you asap.


Okay, I am such a goof.  How can I possibly give you a picture of a yummy salad, and not give you the recipe?

A few of you asked, so here it is:

Lebanese-Style Tabouli
(We obviously make a large amount for our big family.  Just half this recipe if you have a smaller family.)

3 bunches of parsley
1 cup of bulgar wheat
4-6 lemons (you will use the juice)
1 cup of olive oil
4 ripe tomatoes diced
2 green peppers diced
1 bunch of green onions
fresh mint
salt to taste

Place the bulgar wheat in enough warm water so that it is covered.  Let it stand for about an hour.

Remove the parsley from the stalks.
Chop up all the other veggies into diced pieces.
Squeeze the excess water from the bulgar wheat.
Add all the ingredients together in a large bowel.
Add olive oil and the juice of 4-6 lemons (depending on how lemony you want it).
Add chopped mint and salt to taste.

Easy!  And oh so delicious.

I have to clarify something.  Some of you gave me a good chuckle today.  You actually thought that we eat raw lamb in this house.  Well, I am here to tell you that there is no way on God’s green earth that we do!  I can think of nothing worse.  We actually eat very little meat around here.  For one, my family has a vegetarian mommy that cooks with a lot of vegetables and beans.  And two–meat is so ridiculously expensive.  My family just goes without it.

Baby lamb?  I just could never do it.  I am a total bunny hugger.  One of my dreams is to some day own a farm.  I would love to have a whole bunch of cows and farm animals–they would absolutely LOVE living on my farm…every single one of them would actually get to die of old age.