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we lived to blog about it

Oh my gosh–we survived!

The awful stomach thing, that is.

I have no idea what is was, where it came from, or who invited it into my house, but that thing was seriously nasty.  It kicked every single one of us in the bee-hind.  I know there are a million things worse than having a house full of sick kids–but when you’re up to your eyeballs in vomit, it sure doesn’t feel like it. 

The good news is the nasty stuff has left the building, and we are all feeling so much better.  Praise God for better health.

Thank you for your prayers, sweet friends.  How I pray this thing does not come near your homes!


We’re looking forward to another crazy busy, very healthy week.

I finally have the last interview for my citizenship this coming Friday.  A huge step forward in bringing Hailee home.  Our Congressman’s office says that Immigration may do the swearing in ceremony on Friday.  Maybe…maybe not.

Oh, but wait…can we ever really be sure of what Immigration does and when they do it?

Many of you can testify to the fact that that would be a resounding NO!

So we take it as it comes.

If all goes well, by this Friday I could be an American.  The note said, “Bring any other passports in your possession.”  I don’t know what that means.  I thought I would be allowed to have dual citizenship.  But, I could be wrong.  The thought of having to give up my South African citizenship makes me sad.  I love my country.  I adore it’s people.  It’s who I am.  I don’t mind loosing my Australian citizenship.  But South Africa–oh how I pray they’ll let me keep it.

Bringing Hailee home is the most important thing in the world.  It’s the reason for us going to all the efforts we have to get my citizenship in a hurry.  If I can only be one citizen, and my daughter’s life depends on it–then an American I shall be.

Can’t be that bad, hey?

Just kidding 🙂

Now all I have to do is learn the difference between Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Franklin…and the fifty thousand other famous men in this country.  Oh my.


In an attempt to get our immune systems up and our strength back, I’ve been filling my family up with wholesome nutrition. 

One of our favorite things to eat is Mexican Stacks.  My kids love them.  They’re filled with so much healthy stuff.  Even for the pickiest eater, there are healthy things you can add to them.  We try lots of different combinations.  You can really get creative.

1 1/2 cups of brown rice (much healthier than white rice)
2 cans of black beans (season with cumin)
1 large can of refried beans
Bunch of green onions
3-4 diced tomatoes
2 green/red peppers (diced)
Black olives
Tortilla chips
Sour cream
Guacamole (make your own–it’s so much healthier)

Smash a handful of tortilla chips.
Add a scoop of rice.
Add lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions.
Add a scoop of refried beans on top of veggies.
Add olives and cheese.
Add seasoned beans.
Add Guacamole.
Then add salsa.
Top it off with sour cream, if desired.

You can use all, or a combination of the above ingredients.

So easy, so healthy, and deliciously yummy.

Have fun making your very own stacky things.