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we need your help, please!

We’re settling beautifully into our new normal here at home with our two new blessings.  If you follow along on Facebook, you would have seen the picture I posted of sweet Hasya a couple of days ago.  Oh my goodness…redemption is such a beautiful thing.  I will update here on how Kael and Hasya are doing soon–my time has been slightly limited as we rearrange schedules and focus on the needs of our sweet blessings from heaven.

For now, I would love your help, please.  Anthony and I are busy working on an exciting project for an upcoming event we have scheduled.  We have been given an incredible opportunity to share our hearts about special-needs adoptions, and we would love to include as many of your precious children as we possibly can.

We are looking for before/after pictures of children who have special needs (any need!) and have joined their forever families through the blessing of adoption.  We’d love pictures of your children either while they were in the orphanage, or soon after they came home…and one of what they look like today. Anything similar to THESE PICTURES would be so wonderful.  Also, if you have a short video clip of your gotcha day, we would love to use that too.

We want to shout it from the rooftops…ADOPTION CHANGES LIVES! Nothing speaks louder than before/after photos. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

For more information or to e-mail your photos or video, please contact Anthony at [email protected].

Please share with anyone you know who would love to get involved.  The more, the better.

Thank you!  We so appreciate your help.