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what we leave

With tears streaming down my face, I watched the memorial service for Derek Loux today. I blogged about his passing here if you missed it.

Such heartache for his family left here on earth.  Yet, such hope at the glorious reunion someday.

I was so struck by something watching person after person share their precious testimonies…

What an enormous difference there is between leaving a memory–and leaving a legacy!

Memories are a wonderful thing to leave behind when we’re gone.  They help people to remember the good. But oh what a humongous difference when a person has passed on and left behind a legacy.

Memories fade, but a legacy is passed on from generation to generation.

Memories are so easy to make.  Good times together, the love of a family, holidays, special occasions, successes in business–they all make wonderful memories.  And those are fabulous.

A legacy, on the other hand, seems so much harder to leave behind–something that is lasting, something that is passed down to the next generation when we’re gone.  It seems to me that by comparison, so few people choose to leave a legacy.  We’re all just happy making sweet memories and having fun times.

But is that enough?  Is it enough to leave only memories when God calls us all to do great things for Him?  Is it enough when we are all called, equipped, anointed and released to do the work of the ministry?  That includes every single person who has a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Is leaving only memories enough?

All day long I have been pondering the lives of great missionaries, amazing teachers, evangelists, pastors etc…incredible people who chose to live a life of reckless abandon and surrender.  Most of them did not have it easy.  Most of them had a seemingly impossible mission from the Lord.  They sacrificed everything.  They served with their whole hearts.  They loved extravagantly.  They made a profound difference in the lives of people.

They left a legacy.

Just like Derek Loux.  Taken way too soon for everyone here on earth.  What beautiful memories his loved ones have of him.  And what a legacy he has left behind.  The fire he started in the hearts of many to rescue orphans in their distress will continue.  His family is determined.  They will not allow the flame to go out, but rather to have it burn brighter than before.

Leaving a legacy is a choice.  All it takes is a humble servant and a Mighty God working together to make a difference. No way is it the easy road–but rather the road less traveled.

I pray that I get it right, friends. I long to receive the glorious crown of life someday.

How about you?

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.    James 1:12

I pray that my children cherish my memories–but that the seed that I plant will continue to grow!