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“why him?”

Today I met the sweetest little boy.

A little boy whom I have grown to love so passionately in my heart over the last few months.

A sweet one my arms have ached to hold.

A very handsome little guy born eight years ago and given the name “David” by his birth parents.

A very uncommon name for any Bulgarian citizen.  But to his Father in heaven–he is indeed “beloved,” as his name means.

David was put into the orphanage soon after birth and spent the first seven years of his life in a baby house.  “A good one,” I’m told.

Then, last September he was transferred!  A fate which no child should ever, ever be subjected to! 

And since that time, a horrendous mental asylum has been his prison (and it sure does look like one). The bars of a crib–the only home he knows.

Today I held this little boy in my arms and heard his full story for the first time.  My amazing attorney here has ached for this child–longed for him to find a family since 2007.

Since the inception of the Bulgarian adoption program in 2007, over 1800 child have been registered with the Minister of Justice in this country as being available for adoption.

David was Number Three!  The third child in Bulgaria to ever be registered for adoption!

At the young age of three, he was made available to any family who would love him as their own.

For five years he waited in a baby house.  And then in a mental asylum.  Hundreds and hundreds after him were chosen–now loved and cherished in families.

But no one came for him.

Then one day the God of the universe reached down from heaven and said, “NOT this one!  My “beloved” is NOT forsaken!”

“Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”  Isaiah 6:8

And so He began to ever so gently whisper to the hearts of an extremely average, nothing special, thought-a long-time-ago-they-were-quiver-full, often failing, totally unsuspecting couple.

And by His Spirit, He moved on their hearts, saying, “Trust me!”

“Trust ME!”

“Trust me with your fears.”

“Trust me with your concerns.”

“Trust me that I know what’s best for your family!”

And trust Him, they did!  Because in their fifteen years of marriage they can declare from the highest mountain that their God has been faithful, that He has never let them down.  Not once!

So very faithful.

With their fears from hearing sad stories about children adopted from this particular place, the knowledge that some have turned down referrals once they meet the children they came to adopt, with their many flaws, their shortcomings, their failures, and their doubts and concerns….”yes” was their answer!

Because God truly can use anyone to make a difference in the life of a child.  He never looks for perfect parents (take US, for example, the most imperfect ones), just those who are willing to trust Him on the journey.

Yes, Lord!

No matter what!

Sometimes there is not one good enough reason in the world to say no.

(Yes, Honey, I absolutely did examine each and every little toesie…because feet are just my thing, you know!)

Today I looked into the face of this little child and I saw my Jesus–Savior, Redeemer, Friend!  I realized once again that redemption never comes too late for precious ones such as these.  To the world, this little boy was written off completely. Rejected!  Abandoned in the worst place imaginable! Discarded because he was not considered perfect. When my attorney went back to the government officials and requested his file after we asked to see it…their response?

With a look of utter confusion on their faces, “Why him?”

Why him?

Well, it’s simple, really.

Because God never, ever forsakes his beloved!  Because there is hope for every orphan…no matter how long they have waited.  No matter what is “wrong” with them.

Today I held an eight-year-old little boy who is so extremely delayed in all areas of his life, cannot walk, cannot sit up alone (except being supported in a child’s chair), has terribly low muscle tone, is far too skinny, cannot eat solid food, and displays more institutional behaviors than I have ever seen in a child.


He is “beloved.”


By his Father in heaven.

And by us!

Kael Salem…you are NOT forsaken!

You have been FOUND!

You, sweet boy, have been CHOSEN.

To us, you are absolute perfection.


It never comes too soon.

Nor does it ever, ever come too late!

With a heart overflowing with thankfulness tonight.  I’m so grateful that when God says, “Trust Me!” that I know with all my heart that I absolutely can.  My God never makes mistakes!

What a gift Kael is to our family!