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I thought some of you may enjoy seeing Harper’s endearing personality on a very short video.  This is too sweet not to share.

This lovie is so very smart.  She learns quickly.  Imitates us all the time.  Uses sign language.  Plays games.  And, she absolutely has to be doing what the big kids do. Harper is going places in life.  Nothing will hold her back–absolutely nothing. She is so spunky and sweet.

Here she is playing on the sofa with her beautiful big sister.  Hannah-Claire is so kind and so tender with our little ones.  She is such a blessing in their lives.  She’s a sweetheart.

We think that Harper does the sweetest “yessssssssss!” ever.  Makes us smile every time.

Learning how to do it with two arms–with much charm and personality, of course.

Yessssssss!!! from Adeye Salem on Vimeo.

My darlings!

(Please excuse all the noise in the background.  It’s just life as usual around here.  A moment of quiet is pretty much non-existent.)

Oh, the blowing of the finger thing that she does?  Well, every time Harper makes a whiny sound we remind her, “No whining, Harpy”….and put our finger on our lips and say, “shhhhhhhh”.  These days, even when she makes the slightest whiny sound, she blows on her finger and then proceeds to give herself a well done pat on the shoulder. 

So darn adorable.  Love her disABILITY!

Rock on, baby girl.

How blessed we are that God chose us to be the parents of these two beautiful angels.

So, so, very blessed beyond description.

How fiercely we love!