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16 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I got a note on facebook asking me to list 16 random things about myself. Since I am definitely not active on facebook (because I would spend my entire life on the computer if I tried to do that too), I thought I would post them here. What a fun way to get to know each other a little better.

So, here are some things about me you probably didn’t know…

~~~ I am addicted to spinning! I wake up at 5:30am and am on the spinning bike at 6am. I absolutely love it–and it gives me some time to myself while the rest of the family is still sleeping. I get home and my crazy day begins.

~~~ Healthy food is a passion. About 12 years ago we made some major changes to our diet. I started studying natural health and nutrition, and have continued to learn about it over the years. I love feeding my family healthy food, and love trying new recipes.

~~~ I have been a vegetarian for 21 years. I started out not eating red meat and then stopped eating chicken and fish too.

~~~ I love having a clean house. Clutter drives me nuts (and makes me seriously grumpy–not a good thing). My hubby jokes with me that if he sits in one place for just a little too long, he WILL get packed away.

~~~ Ah, the hair color! I can NEVER decide whether I prefer being a brunette, or a blond (and I’ve been black and red too, but those do not work for me!). It changes frequently. My dear husband never quite knows who is coming home from the hairdresser. In fact, I change my hair so often that I probably should have been a hairdresser. Darn it–I totally missed my calling in life.

~~~ I love paint! The paint on the walls probably changes as much as the color on my hair. I have a serious problem with colors, as you can tell. Help!

~~~ Furniture hardly ever stays in one place. I get so bored with the way things look. I love change and the feeling it brings, even if it just means changing the position of the sofa.

~~~ Ug, I despise dirt! A backyard must have grass, and very little dirt. So, here we are living in a place where nothing grows at 8500 feet altitude. Nothing, except the pine trees. Oh, and the Aspens bloom for about two months of the year. Our backyard? A sand pit! I am convinced God uses it to keep my attitude in check. Every time a kid or a dog comes inside after being in the yard–they bring half of the dirt inside with them. Did I tell you I love a clean house???

~~~ I love Goodwill. Most of what I buy comes from Goodwill. And, I go on Saturdays when I get an additional 50% off. I am seriously cheap.

~~~ I never used to be frugal. I loved spending money on nice things. How God changed me. Now I hate buying anything new. It is such a waste of money. I love finding bargains.

~~~ I love anything feminine and girly. Pretty dresses, pink clothes, soft colors for make-up and anything with a girly feel is just perfect for me. I used to be a complete tomboy–I did not wear a dress for the first 21 years of my life. Now pink is my favorite color.

~~~ I was a horrible student in school. I loved school, but hated studying.

~~~ My mom died 2 1/2 years ago. I so desperately miss having a mother. It has left such a void in my life.

~~~ I am terrified of snakes! I hate the buggers. I don’t care if they are the ‘cute’ colorful kind you buy as pets, or the ‘harmless’ garden snake–a snake is a snake!

~~~ Okay, so it’s no secret–I love warm weather. It is just what I am used to. But, you know what I love the most about warm weather? I love having a tan–there is nothing better for me than spending the whole day on the beach and coming home completely fried, and then having to smother my body in after sun cooling lotion! Definitely one of my most favorite things. I know, so weird.

~~~ I am as crazy about my husband as I was the first day I met him. He is still my hotty hot! Seeing him all dressed up still gets my heart heart going. Say no more 🙂

I was told to tag all my friends and ask them to do the same thing–so friends, go ahead–post 16 random things about you on your blog. I’d love to read them.

Be blessed, precious ones. Thank you all for sharing in my joy about my trip to Africa. You guys are the best!