Glorious Gifts

Isn’t life just such a funny thing? One minute I think I have things all figured out–and the next thing I know, God has totally changed the direction things were going in. Ever experienced that?

Up until Saturday my plans were to leave for South Africa in two weeks time. I had a free ticket to get there. All was well. That is, until we got confirmation that I had to fly stand by. No problem–except for one tiny detail. My flight landed in Dakar (a country in West Africa), a country which has experienced a lot of hostility recently. I would have to get off the airplane, and trust that I could get another seat for the remainder of the journey to Johannesburg. Hubby immediately said, “No way, I am not willing to take the chance of you not getting a seat in Dakar–I cannot take the chance that you may have to spend a day or two alone in that country.”


So out of the blue on Saturday, we get this phone call from friends who are so dear to our hearts. Friends who we adore. They casually ask me how my plans are going to get to S.A. They share with me that God had impressed on their hearts to help out in any way they could.

The God of the universe, the amazing One who holds ALL things in the palm of His hands had gone before me…again!

Yes, I am still going to South Africa, and yes, I will still be attending my precious brother’s wedding. BUT–I will not be traveling alone! These amazing friends of ours have not only paid for my ticket, but also for my two older sons to travel with me. Oh my heart–my two boys, who miss their family so much that they have many tears over it, are coming with their mommy to be in their uncles wedding. Yayyyeeeee! All because two friends cared enough to buy tickets for all three of us to be a part of this special day in my family.

Here’s the thing. I know my God. He has never, not once, ever let me down. Did I say ever? Well, ever! I knew that my God would come through for me, no matter what the outcome, and that I would be okay with it. You know what the Almighty did? He searched, He looked, He waited for faithful servants to step forward and be USED by Him to bless us. He chose the most amazing friends to be the deliverer of the gift. Goodness, there just are no words to describe what I feel.

Oh how we are blessed. Tonight we were telling the boys that they will be coming with me, and we were sharing how it all came about. Anthony said this to them, “That if we had a lot of money, and could buy everything our hearts desired, then we would never appreciate how God takes care of us like we do now.” What an amazing thing it is to live a life of trusting God for our every need. We would never have it any other way.

He is our provider, the One who takes care of every single need we ever have. How desperately we need Him. How much we appreciate the amazing way He takes care of our family. How thankful we are that He uses people we know and love to bless us exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever imagine. Part of the joy of all this is that we KNOW that these friends, who love the Father with all their hearts, will be so absolutely blessed for their faithfulness. The joy for us is in sitting back and watching His amazing plans and purposes for their lives unfold. The joy is in having front row seats and watching Him move time and time again in their lives. Joy indescribable.

Ever doubted the faithfulness of God? Don’t. He IS faithful and true!

Thank you, precious friends, for the glorious gift. There simply are no words!