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a fun giveaway

They say that change is as good as a holiday.  I have to agree!

I love change!  I love moving things around in my home and trying new things all the time.  The paint colors on our walls never stay the same for very long.  Furniture constantly gets put in different places.

Anthony’s biggest fear being married to me is that if he sits in one place for just a wee bit too long, he will either be painted, moved, or packed away in storage!  Ha!

For the first 35 years of my life, I changed my hair style and color more than most change theirs in a lifetime.  A couple of weeks ago, dear husband accurately observed, “Honey, your hair has been the same for quite a while now. What’s up with that?”

I have no idea!  Midlife.  Or something.

Yup!  Change is just my thing.

Same goes for this little blog of mine.  For the first few years that I blogged, I changed this space like every month.  I guess I’m getting older (or busier), because these days it’s way less frequently that I get that all too familiar bee in my bonnet (as we say in South Africa) to change it.

But when I do NEED a change on my blog, I have been so blessed to have a very sweet, super creative, blog designer who helps me. Lindsey runs a small business from home. She is totally awesome!  Always helpful. Always working with me to find a design which I love. And always delivering right on time.

I was so excited when Lindsey told me about her new venture with her business, SOUR APPLE STUDIO.

She has worked tirelessly to come up with a concept which is new, creative, and fresh in the world of blogging.

~~  “Design Your Own Blog” allows you to create your own blog from scratch!

~~  Choose from over 150+ header designs.

~~  Choose from 50+ background patterns, and endless font and color combinations.

~~  Play and play some more until your design is just right!

~~  Turnaround time is fast!  Within 12-48 hours you will have your brand new designer blog up and running.

~~ No creative gifting necessary!  Just have fun picking out the designs and patterns which you LOVE.

SOUR APPLE STUDIO has created this system to give ALL bloggers the opportunity to have a “custom” look to their blog…without the need for a blog designer and without spending a lot of money.  I love that!

For just $59 you can have your very own, customized blog!

Whether you have been wanting to start your own blog and need a helping hand putting it all together, are new to blogging, or have blogged for many years…this is such a fun way to customize your little space on the web.

Today I am giving TWO bloggers an opportunity to win a free DIY blog design.

What do you need to do?  Easy!

1.)  Leave any old comment on this post. I’ll use the comments to draw random winners.
      (I’d love to hear about who you are and where you blog, if you feel like sharing.)

2.)  Then, go over to Sour Apple Studio’s Facebook page RIGHT HERE and “like” it (no worries if you are not on FB).   

That’s it!

You will have until the end of the day next Wednesday (Oct 03) to enter.