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adoption awareness: adopting FAS, RAD, autism or similar

Good morning, friends.

With life being so crazy recently, I have fallen a little behind on the adoption series I started.  Sorry!  So many of you have written to ask me to highlight more areas of adoption so that you can connect via blogs.

So today I thought I would highlight an area of adoption that I know many families deal with once their children come home–Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Reactive Attachment Disorder, autism, or anything similar. Some families know that their children struggle in these areas before they come home.  Others only find out once their children are in their home.  The journey can be tough and challenging, but such a blessing for those families who begin to see beauty emerge from the ashes.

I wanted to highlight this because I know that for many families raising these precious children, the road can be so lonely.  I’m hoping that this will be a way to connect with other families who are in the same position and are doing their best to help their children to become all who God has created them to be.

Sadly, the children diagnosed with these conditions are often the ones who wait the longest–very often aging out of the adoption system in their countries because nobody gave them a chance. EVERY child deserves the love of a family!

If you are a family who has adopted a child who struggles in any of these areas, would you please link your blog below?  My prayer is that this will be a resource for those families who are longing to reach out to others who simply understand–or for the families who are considering bringing home a child who may (or may not) have been diagnosed with any of the above.  You will be given a space to add a photo and a caption–please use that to tell us the condition that your child struggles with and where you adopted them from. 

Thank you for being willing to share your blogs and your families in the hope that someone else may be encouraged today.