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all work and no play

Means the kids have to come up with their own entertainment!

So, what do they do when mommy and daddy have spent the last five days working non-stop on the house, getting it ready to put on the market? And, it has rained pretty much non-stop for a week.


One of them loves games that sing and make noise. This is one of Haven’s favorite. She loves music and definitely has natural rhythm.

This boy is completely crazy obsessed with Bionicles. He knows every single piece that he owns–and he’s been collecting them for the last few years, so he has a whole lot of it.

Little love here is learning his abc’s.

We have an artist in the family. He can paint and draw for hours.

And when the abc’s get a little boring–find a few trash bags, tie them around your neck and pretend you can fly!

Or, find every single blanket in the house and make forts. Stock them up with snacks, drinks, flashlights and a few toys and there’s your entertainment for hours.

It has totally been all work and no play around here. We are working our tails off to get our house on the market. Painting (and more and more painting), re-decorating and moving things around, clearing out closets and throwing junk out, raking pine needles, etc. We hope to have it on the market this weekend. Trusting God for a buyer in a horrible property market. Can He do it? Absolutely!

And just to make sure that life is never boring, we have appointments–heaps of them! Poor Haven–she is up to her eyeballs in doctors, certainly not her favorite thing. We are at the point now where we pull up in front of anything that even resembles a hospital or doctors office and she knows. Poor baby, she is so terrified of anyone that remotely resembles medical personnel. Holy moley, next week is huge–she has a bone age scan, a CAT scan and an EEG all on the same day. Good heavens, that is going to be a thing for her. I even asked if she could just be put to sleep and have it ALL done at the same time. But no, she has to be conscious for the EEG. Bummer.

All the test results will take several weeks to come in. Hopefully though, they will give us some indication as to why Haven has such profound delays and has never spoken. We’ll see. Whatever the outcome–it’s all good, because I know my God is in control. I will praise Him no matter what the future holds for Haven. She is a treasure, just the way she is…fearfully and wonderfully made.

Here are my angels. Sweet sisters–oh how these two love and adore each other. Hannah-Claire (on the right) has naturally assumed the role as big sister (even though she is two years younger). She just loves to mother Haven. I think she totally forgets that she is the little sister here. Haven is so much tinier.

Heck, I realized how totally spoiled I am. Our internet was on the blink. For goodness sakes, how did I ever live without it? Seriously. No e-mails from those I love? No blogging? I think I’ll keep it.


Thank you, precious friends, all for the amazing homeschool advice you all shared. I am going to look into every bit of information posted. Reading the comments, it seems that other friends are also going to glean from the information you shared. Thank you so much for taking the time to bless us with your knowledge and experience. I appreciate each one of you.