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because one little boy’s life matters

Every now and then, an angel finds his way into my inbox.  A precious, precious soul whom the Lord brings across my path. 

Recently I met one such angel.  No, not in real life, but  it was one of those moments when I saw a sweet face looking back at me from my computer, and I knew without any doubt that he needed help.  Desperately! 

Allow me to introduce you to a little boy I call David.  The moment I saw his face and read his story, “David”–the mighty warrior of the Old Testament–came to mind.  The man who was small in stature but so large in heart.  The young boy who never gave up–the brave warrior who exceeded all expectations.

Sweet “David”  (Which means “beloved”)

Finding a reason to smile.

Last week I was contacted by a missionary in Asia.  She and her husband have been living there for several years where they pastor and run a home for unwed mothers.  This amazing couple are often approached to help children who have special needs.  As with many countries around the world, children with “special needs” are typically cast aside and not given an opportunity to learn and grow.  Many are completely ostracized and are even considered to have no worth or value in their own countries.  Sad.  A while back these missionaries were approached to help this little boy.

David recently turned three years old.  He was born at 28 weeks to an alcoholic mom. He was born in a small village. Sadly, the village nurse did not do the necessary compresses on him until they got to the only hospital with a pediatric ICU. He spent the first year of his life there and before leaving the hospital was weaned off the respirator.

Oh my goodness, with absolutely nowhere to go because no one wanted him…this sweet lovie was placed in a nursing home!  It was the only place who would take him in.  A nursing home for goodness sakes!

Trying to do everything they could to give this little boy, who lives in a crib day in a day out, some kind of quality of life, they brought him a chair for him to sit upright.  Unfortunately, though, the missionaries were told, “We don’t have the staff to sit with him.”  He was never given an opportunity to get used to sitting upright in the new chair.  Too much trouble for the staff.  The missionaries have been told no staff takes him out of the crib or works with him at the home.

Completely neglected!
Repeatedly the missionaries have been told by the director and the staff at the home, “Face it…no one wants a child like this!”
Huh? You have got to be kidding me!  They just have no idea about the hearts that are being stirred across this nation–a fire that is being ignited in the hearts of many to take in the neediest orphans around the world!
They just have no idea what a great big God we serve! Nothing is impossible.

Not even this. 

A sweet personality emerges.

David’s situation is unique, which is one of the reasons I felt led to rally for him.  He is NOT listed on any waiting-child websites–which means that no one is getting to see his sweet little face or read about his desperate plight.  Unless his story is spread and people SEE him, he has very little hope of ever finding a family.  How can he ever be rescued from his desperate situation unless the body of Christ comes together and shares his story?  Even his own country feels that he is not worth the effort.

He has zero hope of being found unless we spread his story.

I have been told that this sweet boy’s life depends on him finding a family soon.  He has been in the PICU three times and has literally been at death’s door many times.  But just like King David, I believe that God has great plans for this sweet boy.  I believe that beauty WILL rise from these ashes and that this orphan boy WILL be saved.  I know that his life will be a beautiful testimony of God’s ability to reach down and rescue the orphan out of seemingly impossible circumstances. 

Okay. So this is where you guys come in.  Do you think you could help me by getting David’s story out there?  We truly are his only hope.  The only way that he is going to be rescued from a life confined to a crib in a nursing home is if we spread his sweet little face far and wide in the hope that his parents will find him.

Isn’t he just a sweetheart?  So tiny and frail…but just look at that beautiful smile at the end. I’d scoop him up in a heartbeat if I could. 

His issues are an ANG tube, epilepsy, developmental delay, acid reflux, he has had heart surgery, and a previous MRI showed brain damage (possible cerebral palsy). He does not eat anything by mouth (yet!). David only weighs seventeen pounds.

From personally rearing children who are “developmentally delayed” and “brain damaged,” I just KNOW what hope there is for this sweet little guy once he is in a family.  He will blossom and grow and astound the world with how far he will go.  Right now he is languishing in a crib with very little human contact, zero therapies, and no love whatsoever.  I know from my own daughters’ similar experiences that he will deteriorate fast!  He needs to be rescued out of that place!

Will you help me, please?  I just cannot stand the thought of him spending one more day than is absolutely necessary in that place.  I know this parents are out there…they just need to find their son.

Here are a few details. While there are no particular rules regarding adoption from this Asian nation, what they tend to prefer are these:

~~ Both spouses should be under 50.
~~ Judges prefer smaller families–but there is some flexibility.
~~ Around $4500 for in-country fees (legal, translations, etc.).
~~ A homestudy costing $1500-$3000, depending on where you live.
~~ Travel and accommodation in-country.
~~ Visas, etc., stateside.

This is a very affordable adoption.  The process will take only six to eight months (with possible expedition, since this is so urgent).

Need more information about David and adopting from his country?  We ask that only those who are serious about adopting him inquire at this time, please.  Contact Jeff at [email protected]
Thanks for all your help with this mission, friends.  I appreciate it so much.  Together, we can make a difference.  Thank you for trusting with me that this beautiful little boy will be found soon.
Just like beautiful Liliana….IT IS OUR PROBLEM!
Please, please help me to be a voice for a little guy who doesn’t have one.  Please share his story so that his parents will find him soon.