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caring from afar

Hey, friends.  We have about three more weeks left to raise enough money to send EVERY child at the Offins Children’s Center to school.  What a blessing that would be!  An education will literally change their lives and give them such HOPE for their future.

A couple of months ago, I shared their desperate need for mattresses.  So many of you helped by sowing any amount you could to help. It all added up to something so beautiful. My friends, Andy and Andrea, made this short video of the day they went to buy brand new mattresses for these precious kids.

Oh, my heart!  The gratitude.  The joy.  Just from a very basic mattress.  THANK YOU for helping to make life just a little more comfortable for these sweet kids–such a blessing from heaven.


How much I take for granted in my own life every day!

So far we’ve raised just over $3000 for the orphanage.  That’s glorious manna from heaven! Would you prayerfully consider helping us to meet the goal, please? That will enable every child to go to school this year…no one left behind!

All donations are kindly being received by Grace Haven Ministries and are tax-deductible. Every single dollar given goes to the Offins Children’s Center.

Donations can be made at the bottom of THIS POST.

We are so very, very grateful for your help.