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Even as I write this, I am totally chuckling.

Sometimes I just do the dorkiest things.

Yesterday we spent a wonderful evening with our dear friends Steve and Shonni. They are such an amazing couple with the biggest hearts ever. If you don’t know Shonni, do yourself a favor and go and meet her on her blog. You’ll be so glad you did.

So, soon after we arrived at their gorgeous country home, Shonni and I have this little conversation…

Shonni: “Hey, say your name for me.”

Me: “Adeye”

Now she is totally laughing…and I have no idea why.

Me: “Why?”

Shonni: “I read your blog this morning and I was wondering who U-Day-U is? When Americans read that they are going to think it is the u sound (as is use–the long u sound).”

Okay so at this point we are almost dying laughing. Dang it, in my wonderful effort to explain how to pronounce my name to all of you, well, I have confused the dickens out of you…and still nobody knows how to pronounce it correctly.

Shonni: “For us Americans you should put an ‘h’ after the ‘u’–that way we know to read it as the uh sound. Well, I guess Yooooo-Day-Yooooo could be a great African Name.”

So there you have it. It should have read “Uh-Day-Uh”. Duh!

Thanks for the little English lesson, dear friend.

Oh my word–can somebody please tell me why I homeschool my children? Am I going to turn them into complete idiots?