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crayfish, anyone?

Sunday proved to be very eventful. We came home from church knowing that we had a showing on our house Monday morning. Our goal–to clean the garage (why does it always end up such a dump?). After lunch Anthony and I were sitting on our bed chatting about something (you know, sorting out all the problems in the world). Next thing we heard a very loud cracking sound. So I looked out the window.

“Uh, Honey, a tree has just fallen on your car.”

Casually Anthony says, “Oh really, on top of my car?”

He comes over to look.

“Yip, Hon, it is seriously on top of your car and on the roof of the house too.”

Panicked? No way. We knew exactly how it happened. The enemy…he had reared his ugly head again! Sometimes I really think he should try not be to so obvious. A fifteen minute crazy storm blows through, and the one tree that falls down just happens to be next to Anthony’s car. Not an old tree, or one with beetles. No, a perfectly good, young tree.

I wonder when satan will get the message–he is messing with the wrong family! How dare he mess with God’s chosen people! Doesn’t he know by now that no weapon formed against us shall prosper? Doesn’t he know that we are God’s beloved–that our Father is more than able to fight any battle on our behalf? Doesn’t he know that he will surely loose…every single time.

It’s all just material stuff. Just things. We don’t care about it–it has nothing to do with eternity. We’ll just continue to store our treasures in heaven.

The Lord went before us. As soon as the storm passed, our amazing neighbor was on our roof repairing the four big holes the tree had made. By sundown it was done. He saved us so much money we would have had to pay for the deductible on our insurance. The Lord had our back–again.

You that love the Lord, hate evil: He preserves the souls of His saints; He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked. Psalm 97:10

Never a dull moment, hey?

A couple of months ago we inherited two crayfish from our homeschool group. It was one of those times when mom was inclined to say “NO”, but little faces in front of me pleaded begged to take the little creatures home. Naturally I gave in and two extra critters made their home in our sons bedroom. Joy!

Our oldest has diligently taken care of his new pets. A lesson in responsibility.

Yesterday Connor came running to find me, crayfish in hand.

“Mommy, there is something very wrong with my crayfish–look here mommy”. He points to it’s belly. A HUGE mass of little black things.

“Mommy, is she going to die?”

“Uh, no honey–that’s what happens when a male crayfish and a female crayfish are in the same tank! Those are eggs.” Eek!

There are seriously many, many of the little eggs. Oh my goodness–are we going to be taken over by tiny little crayfish? Or do crayfish eat some of their young (don’t you just love the animal kingdom)? We have no idea. We actually don’t even know if they are crayfish, or crawfish? Until recently I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a crawfish–we don’t breed those in the Southern Hemisphere.

I guess we’ll just have to wait it out and see what happens when the eggs hatch.

Why oh why couldn’t they have been puppies or cute little kittens? My kids laugh at me when I tell them crayfish are totally ugly. “But mommy, they’re so cute”. Um, that would be a no!