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dad and his boys

Anthony absolutely loves to take the boys skiing every winter.  It’s a wonderful time for them to make memories and do something that they all enjoy together.  Over the years our big boys have become quite the skiers. 

Unfortunately Connor broke his arm while snowboarding a few weeks ago and is unable to join them yet.  He’s counting down the days until he can get back on his snowboard.

And just like that, he’s WAY taller than his mom and wears a size 13 shoe.  Yikes!

Nothing will stop Cade and Kellan from dragging their Dad out of bed at 5 a.m. every Saturday.

Cade is so silly.  Trying to get photos of him is almost impossible.  There has to be one in every family, I guess.

My baby boy…

…who is no longer my little boy. How did that even happen so quickly? {sniff}

The skiers.

The totally fearless snowboarder.

I am so happy that they have such an amazing opportunity to make beautiful memories together.

Thankful for the Father’s creation, His grace poured out upon our lives…

…and His faithfulness to work out ALL things for the good of those of us who love HIM this day!

Have a very blessed Monday, friends.