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finally some good news

I just have to share my good news with all of you, my dear bloggy friends.

The Lord Almighty has done it again! Yes He has.

Last night Anthony and I were chatting about traveling to pick up our daughters.  About timing and how it was all going to work out with the horrible mix up with our police clearance.  Having to redo the entire thing seemed like it would set us back weeks and weeks.  Our main concern is that we have already booked my Dad’s ticket to fly from South Africa to come and watch our children while we’re away.

We wondered how in the world things could possibly still work out for an April travel date.

We prayed together there and then…asking the Father for a miracle in this situation–which seemed so impossible.

Anthony mentioned getting help from our Congessman again.  Many of you who have journeyed with me for a while know how amazing his office was in helping us get my citizenship in a huge hurry.

This morning my hubby went to their office.  They were more than happy to put a call in to the Bureau of Investigation office on our behalf. 

The congressman’s office called Anthony back just a few minutes later.  Our police clearance had already been approved and was just needing to be notarized.  That would happen today, and they will mail it back to us on Friday.  Hallelujah!

What should have taken five weeks, has taken just a few days.

The lady at Investigation told our Congressman’s office, “I have on my desk the picture of these two little girls needing to come home, and I have read the letter the family wrote to us…this definitely deserves my urgent attention.”

God of wonders I tell you.  No government, no red tape, no man…nothing can stand in the way of HIS plans and purposes.  Nothing!

We are so on track for an April travel date, dear friends.

Is anything impossible for the Lord Almighty?

If, like us, you’re stepping out in faith and trusting the Lord for something that seems impossible in the natural, please…do not give up!  The Living God is alive and well and more than able to show us His miracle working power.

I’m starting to feel so much closer to holding Hailee and Harper in my arms.

All glory to God.

What a crazy journey to get to this point. I feel like I have aged ten years in the last seven months.