giving back HOPE

Good morning, friends.

I have been asked by a very precious organization if, perhaps, we (you and me) may be willing to help them.  I read their plea and my heart broke.  I long to try and help, and I know that many of you would also love to get involved.

Butterfly Children’s Hospice is China’s first children’s hospice. I have known about their work for the past few years. They’re an incredible organization who truly does help the least of these–those precious little angels who are not seen as having much worth or value in their society.

They’re the little darlings who are the weakest of the Father’s flock–the ones who are literally living one day at a time.

“Our doors are the ones that are open when every other has been shut. Our children come to us when all hope has been lost, but that’s exactly what we give. Hope. Care and Love.”


So many children with terminal illnesses all over the world are suffering from lack of medical care and lack of love. These fragile little ones are too often discarded – by families, communities and even medical facilities. They deserve love, care and hope, not abandonment. Butterfly Children’s Hospice is working hard to change this. They provide love and expert care to children, together with support for families and medical facilities. Their work has been life-changing!


The work they do is making a huge difference one child and one family at a time. They’re changing attitudes toward children with terminal illnesses.  They’re showing that country that EVERY child is precious, EVERY child has worth and value, and EVERY child deserves compassionate love and care…even when they have precious little time left on this earth.

Sweet Olivia on arrival at Butterfly Children’s Hospice.

zOlivia on arrival 20140225

Olivia just six months later.


~~  Butterfly Children’s Hospice has been open since May 2010, and so far has cared for 132 children, aged from 1 day to 14 years old.
~~  71 have received loving end-of-life care.
~~  16 have had surgery which was previously denied them.
~~  10 have been adopted. Another 6 await adoption.
~~  The other children are living happy lives in foster care.
~~  They have also helped 11 families faced with a terminal diagnosis and are developing infrastructure to fill this need more effectively.

Sadly, the fundraiser that they currently have going on has not been very well supported.  They are still very short on finances that will enable them to continue on in providing LIFE-GIVING care to these precious children.

Of course, I said yes to helping them.  EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO BE LOVED AND CARED FOR.

The link to their fundraiser is HERE.  Would you please share this need and consider sowing into their fund.  It ALL helps.

Also for the remainder of this month, I will also be giving ALL PROFITS from my Younique business to the Butterfly Children’s Hospice fundraiser. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a special someone, or if you would love to try the product that has hit social media in a big way (our amazing 3D Fiberlash Mascara), come and join us and shop for a great cause at my VIRTUAL PARTY FOR A PURPOSE. Send me a request to join.  We’re a small group of Jesus-loving women whose hearts are to GIVE BACK to those in need, those who need hope restored.

Thank you for praying, for giving, and for sharing for the sake of these precious children who our Father in heaven just adores. I appreciate it so much.  You guys are amazing people of a faithful Father.