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growing up

She came into our lives as a little face in a photo five years ago.

One look and I was smitten.

Head over heals in love.

We were already paper chasing fast and furiously for our sweet Hailee and were approved to adopt two children.

“Is she ours, Lord?” we asked.

And in the stillness of a quiet winter’s night, God whispered to my darling husband’s heart, “She’s yours!  Bring her home too.”

We had never been parents to a child who has Down syndrome.  Never knew a single thing about the special need.  It seemed rather crazy to consider two children with Trisomy 21.  We had no clue what life would look like or how we would adjust, but we were confident in our God.  And that was good enough.

With some uncertainty of what this new life of ours would look like, I walked into an orphanage in Ukraine in April 2010.  There I met two of the most precious, most amazing children who God could ever have blessed us with.

From the moment I held this little girl in my arms, I knew…

…The One who never makes mistakes had given us a gift from heaven.


A priceless gift.

A bundle of joy indescribable.

And in that moment, when  I looked into her eyes, I knew that life would never be the same.

It would be better.



So much more delightful.


For the past four and a half years, we have been blessed beyond words by this little girl.

Today we celebrate Harper as she turns seven.


The baby of the family is not our baby anymore.  She’s becoming all who her God in heaven created her to be.

Created by the beautiful hands of the Potter, Harper is gift to all who know her.  No one can escape without a Harper hug.  Harpy shows the world that Down syndrome is a blessing and never a curse.  She loves unconditionally and radiates the love of Jesus wherever she goes.


We love you, sweet little darling.

Keep shining the light of your Jesus so brightly wherever He takes you..


…and we’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.