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Home From Africa

Home! There is no place like it. I am so sorry I was not able to post while in South Africa. Internet access was limited and so ridiculously expensive.

Traveling over 25 000 miles in 10 days (which included 4 days of flying and waiting in airports) was just crazy. I’m tired!

How wonderful it is to be home.

The boys and I had the time of our lives. Spending time with family in South Africa was pure joy. My brothers wedding was so much fun. My new niece is the cutest little thing ever. The beach was stunning. The weather divine. The friends I have there are treasures from heaven. Yes, I am blessed.

I will share more pics over the next few days. For now, here are some memories of my brothers special day. I cannot tell you how special it was to be able to share the day with him and my most amazing sister-in-law.

The bride and her girls. The colors were black, red and white. I found that sweet little dress on E-Bay for Holly (my niece). It was so perfect for the day–she looked completely adorable.

Sue (left), Colleen and me (right)

The boys! They partied until they could party no more.

So much fun. The little ushers in their outfits (missing the vests which they abandoned at the first given opportunity).

There is something about family. No matter how long you are apart, the bond is always there. What a joy it was for me to spend time with family that I have not seen for 8 years. Where does time go? The only thing that changed was that we all got a wee bit older.

The bride and groom. How I love these two! My brother could not have chosen a more perfect wife. I am so blessed to call this special woman my sister-in-law.


I have so many memories to share. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to special friends who blessed us with this trip. The blessing was not just for me and my boys, but also for so many other friends and family who got to spend time with us. Living on the other side of the world is tough–but my God always makes a way for me to see the ones I love.

Doesn’t He just care so much about the things we care about?