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I am so excited!  This is such a joy for me to do.  It’s one the things I love best about blogging…seeing the Almighty Father raise up incredible people to go where He sends them, and do the things He calls them to do.  Amazing.

I finally get to introduce you guys to a very special family.

Meet the Fishers.  The family who God has raised up to be sweet Vanya’s parents and siblings.

I won’t fill you in on their amazing journey in the Lord, because you can go and read all about it on their blog right here.  I am so thrilled that we will all have the opportunity to follow along and see Vanya come home.

Please keep the Fishers in your prayers.  Continue to trust that all their paperwork falls into place BEFORE the Ukraine halts all adoptions.  I’m sure they will keep us updated about how we can pray specifically for things as they arise.

This is Vanya’s family.  But you know, it really does take a community of people to rescue a child from an orphanage.  I believe that with all my heart.  God calls one family to bring their son home, but what a privilege it is that so many of us get to play a small part in his unfolding story–by praying, by donating financially, by giving to a giveaway.  That’s what the glorious body of Christ is all about.  When we come together as ONE, it’s truly a beautiful thing.  Thank you for playing a part in Vanya’s miracle.

Welcome to the world of blogging, Fisher family.  Thank you so much for allowing us to journey with you as you bring Vanya home.  He has captured the hearts of many.  God has big plans for that angel of yours.

Hang in there, sweet Vanya…your dream is about to come true!