There seriously just are no words to express our gratitude for the love and support that so many of you have poured out upon us since we made our big announcement.  We are truly humbled and so very thankful.

God has blessed us with the most incredible friends and support.  Over the last 48 hours, I have received so many texts and e-mails asking us, “How can we help?”  “What can we do to get you there?”  “What are your greatest needs as you move forward.”

As any missionary will tell you, there is absolutely NO WAY that we can do this alone.  Yes, God has called my family to go to a land that desperately needs to rise up to care for its fatherless.  But without the body of Christ coming alongside us, we will fail miserably.  This is NOT about the Salems!  Like any ministry, it’s about what God wants to accomplish through many  believers–His body who are burdened for the plight of the orphan around the world. Yes, we’ll go…but we would be so honored and blessed to take many of you with us in heart, in prayer, and in sowing financially into something that God is so passionate about–his vulnerable children.

There are a few ways to get involved.

~~  Pray!  Please!  We need committed prayer partners and intercessors who will be willing to cover us in prayer and bring the many needs we will face before the Lord. Prayer moves mountains!  Prayer makes the impossible possible! We have A LOT to do in the next four months as we bring one chapter of our lives in America to a close, and start a new adventure on the other side of the world.  I will periodically share prayer requests, but in the meantime, please just stand with us and trust that everything we need to do will get done in a few short months.

~~  I have received many e-mails asking me whether we will be open to anyone doing short-term missions with us.  YES!  Absolutely! We cannot wait to be able to do that. Our doors will be wide open for anyone who wants to come and help, love on precious children, and serve in many, many other ways.

~~  Many have asked us how we plan to start this ministry and how they can help from afar.  As God would have it, since making our announcement I have already been approached to help various children who have special needs and are all living in horrendous, state-run facilities around the country.  Their photos break my heart! I don’t even know the legalities of moving children across the different provincial lines yet, but I do know this one thing….we will move heaven and earth to get those who need it most to a place of safety.  We will leave no stone unturned as we try to protect the weakest of the Father’s flock.  We will more than likely start by bringing sweet children with desperate needs into our own home until we have a home set up and the finances available to start a safe house.  God knows and that’s enough for us.

~~  Our immediate and most pressing need, considering our short timeframe, is to raise up an army of financial partners who will help us get started, and eventually, sustain and GROW SINDISA.  We need faithful friends who believe in the GOD IN US to rise up and send us out.  Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us?  It would mean the absolute world to us, to all of the children God will place in our care, and of course, to our loving Creator.

Sindisa Logo for online

Our friends at Pure and Faultless have set up an eGiving page.  They will be handing all of the finances for SINDISA.  I can tell you, because I know this team of godly people, that finances will be handled with utmost integrity before the Lord. We would have it no other way!  ALL donations (monthly or one-time gifts) are tax-deductible.

For those of you who are willing to get SINDISA started, this is precious, precious SEED and no words can express our gratitude.



Oh, friends….our hearts are yielded and we are so ready to take this next step of faith in our lives.  Will you prayerfully consider helping us launch this kingdom work in a blaze of His glory?  It’s been so many years in the making and we cannot wait to go and get started with what God has put on our hearts.  All for His glory!

THANK YOU for loving us.  THANK YOU for considering partnering with us.  And most of all, THANK YOU for standing with us in faith…trusting for all these things.

Now unto Him who exceedingly, abundantly ABLE!