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Life with Haven

We’re adjusting to life with our new daughter. Every day brings something new. She has totally embraced us as her family. What an answer to prayer that is! She is very comfortable at home and has even bonded with our pets…another answer to prayer. God has been so good to us.

Yes, we do have our challenges. It reminds me of having a newborn baby and trying to figure out what their needs are. We are having to rely on some serious Holy Spirit revelations to show us the way here. We considered teaching Haven sign language, the kids and I started learning it a long time ago. But, now that Haven is home we have felt that teaching her ASL would probably not be the best thing for her. She may turn to signing as a way to communicate instead of learning to vocalize things. We need to get a second opinion on it. This is all so new to us, we are just having to learn as we go along. We almost feel like we are brand new parents again, figuring out the parenting thing.

Haven has made some amazing progress in the short time she has been home. As I said, we thought that it would take her a long time to get used to our dogs–it just took a few days. She is finally sleeping through the night–just as long as Hannah-Claire is right beside her in the bed. We have had some breakthroughs with her changing her own clothes. She usually puts her clothes on the wrong way around, but we are so grateful that she is at least trying to dress herself. Going potty is still a huge challenge, but it is going to take time. We are learning to take baby steps with her, one day at a time.

The girl can move those hips 🙂

Haven saw the kids up in the tree house and insisted on joining them

The swing is fun!

The last days of Fall

Cody is NOT the enemy 🙂

The park was a little intimidating…until she discovered the swing!