little and littlest

The first Little Miss Sunshine is my beautiful 8 year old. 

This girls loves hats.  A lot.  She has a whole bunch of girly hats.

It’s her thing.  She totally rocks them.

But recently she has some fierce competition for those cute hats.

Her hats are never safe.


Because there is another little hat lover in the house.

The competition has arrived.

She’s super quick.


And crazy determined.

She’ll swipe any hat from her sister.

And make her quick-as-lightning getaway.

Princess Harper.

A princess with attitude.

And some serious spunk.

Can’t you tell?

And she’s stylish too, I might add.

“MY hat!” 

It even matches my outfit.  Bonus.

Littlest Miss Sunshine.

A lotta cuteness and a whole lotta cheeks under a pink hat.

Who thinks that her sister is just the best ever!

Especially when she has a hat on.

Cherishing the moments.