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making a change

Wow!  When I thought about starting a Facebook group to share about health and wellness, I honestly thought I would get a small handful of people who would want to join.  The response was way more than I anticipated.  For the last two days I have been thinking about the best way to do this since it’s obviously an area of life in which so many mothers like me need encouragement, ideas, and tips on how to be healthy and feed their families well. Thank you to everyone who reached out! I was really surprised.

So I’ve decided to  scrap the idea of starting what would be just another place where I share my heart.  Instead, I’m going to keep everything I share in one place and completely rebrand this blog of mine to include many more things on my heart–health, wellness, feeding our children, recipes, finding a healthy balance, etc.  Of course, I’ll continue to include the other things that I have shared about for the past nine years–my family, our personal journey, waiting children, and all those things near and dear to my heart.  All I’ll really be doing is making my blog more relevant to who am I today.

I’m excited to do something a little different, freshen up this space and share my heart on a some of the things that I have learned about wellness and applied to my own life.

It’s good to be home after such a special time away as a family this week.


Time to relax.


Time to do the things they love to do.


How she LOVES the water!


And her big brother.


My sweet, sweet Haven.  This girl has become so much more independent.  She absolutely loves our outings and adventures. Where her family is, she’s happy.


My men.


My littlest boy.  In his best place to be.


Doing what he loves to do.


So thankful for God’s most glorious creation and time with these whom I love and cherish more than words can say.

He has been so, so good to me!