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We’re counting our many blessings. Not because anything amazing or out of the ordinary has happened.

But simply because God has us in a season of being mindful.

Mindful of who HE is.

Mindful of all that He has done in our hearts and in our lives over the last while.

Mindful of His ever-present presence–His still, small voice which leads and guides us to new things.

Mindful of His love that knows no bounds and His mercy that catches us every time we fall. 

Every single time.

Mindful of His provision on a daily basis.  Glorious manna for each new day.

Mindful of how very much we have to be thankful for.

“Bye, see you later!”

“Blowing kisses as I wave to you goodbye.”

Mindful of His faithfulness–prayers answered and prayers still waiting to be answered in HIS time, not ours.

Our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness in this season.  There truly is just so very much to be thankful for–even when the answer from heaven is “No.”

We’re putting on a garment of praise.

And learning more and more what it means to be joyful in all situations.

We’re keeping our eyes fixed on heaven.

And never taking them off the ONE whom we adore.  The ONE who has called us by name and promises to go before us in all things.

How mindful we are of His sovereignty in our lives.

Our Everlasting God.

The ONE who sticks closer than a brother.