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my tiny miracle girl

A few months ago I switched my blog over to WordPress.  It has definitely taken some getting used to.  Unfortunately we lost a lot of comments that didn’t transfer over and I recently discovered that some of my posts are missing the photos too. Slowly I’ve been going way back and fixing things.

While looking for photos today I found this old one of my Hailee.  It was the very first one we ever saw. Goodness!  Who would ever have thought?! I remember seeing that first photo of her in 2009 and I wondered what would become of her life. I wondered how God would restore to her everything that they stole from her in that place.  I wondered if she would ever find joy.


What a sweet little blessing she is!

We just cannot imagine life without this little darling in it.  Diagnosed with Down syndrome, ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorder, Hailee is busy.  Very busy.  But there is not a single thing that we would change.  She is spunky, and she keeps us running all day long.  But, oh, the joy indescribable!  This tiny love (she is almost ten and weighs 38 pounds) is so funny and keeps us laughing at the silly things she does.

Hailee has come so very far since that first photo.  Still completely non-verbal, she is learning daily how to let us know her needs.  If she wants her juice, she shoves her sippy cup in our hands.  If she wants to bathe, she’ll go and wait in the bathroom.  If she wants the batteries replaced on one of her favorite noisy toys (her favorites!), she’ll bring us the toy, pick up our hand, and put the toy in our hands to show us, as if to say, “Fix this thing NOW!” And she won’t stop until we get the message.

Hailee will always be very small.  Being drugged with an adult tranquilizing drug (to make her sleep) for the first five years of her life has severely stunted her growth.  But she’s perfect.  Just the way she is.

We’re so thankful for this precious little blessing.

hailee 2

She’s just so much fun!

EVERY child deserves a chance.