Seventeen years ago, as we were about to celebrate our first year of marriage, a child was born.

So precious in His sight is she.  VALUABLE.

She would spend the first fifteen years of her life abandoned.

She would languish.

She would starve.

She would go unnoticed.  Uncared for. Unloved.

She would hang on by a thread…never giving up!

But her God in heaven had not forsaken her.


He would send help from heaven.

“He will send help from heaven to deliver me from those who harass and despise me. God will send his gracious love and truth.” ~~ Psalm 57:3

And fifteen years later, she would become our daughter (what did we ever do to deserve her?!).

God would give us one of the most precious, most amazing blessings He could EVER give us.

Today we celebrate her seventeenth birthday.

With a heart that cannot thank our Father in heaven enough for the GIFT of this child, today we will count our many blessings and the joy that this sweet teenager is to our family. Such JOY!

Because we simply cannot imagine life without our Hasya in it.

Happy seventeenth birthday, beautiful girl.


~~ A more detailed update coming soon.