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one business making a difference

“Can you bring Harper to the studio today?  We need her for a photo shoot,” the message read.

Of course!

Next thing I knew, sweet Harper was adorned in the silkiest little robe.

And boy, did she ham it up for the camera!

She had the best time–just being her precious, endearing little self.

When I saw Harper in the PoshTots catalogue, I couldn’t help but smile.  Every person who has ever parented a child with any kind of “special needs” completely understands what I mean when I say that all we long for is for our children to be accepted.  Not as “typical” or “normal”–but for who they are–fearfully, wonderfully, and exquisitely handcrafted by a Father in heaven who does all things with excellence.  We long for the ever-dividing line which separates “ability” from “disability” to disappear completely.  We dream of a world where children are accepted as children–no matter what is “wrong” with them.

I am so thankful to PoshTots.  My friend Andrea and her team get it!  They get that our children are precious and beautiful…just the way they are. 

It absolutely warms my heart that they were so excited to share Harper and her story with the world.  They celebrated the fact that Harper is who she is–and that she too could be a little posh model to grace their pages with her adorableness.

I am moved to tears when companies reach out to those who, in the eyes of the world, are more often than not just not perfect enough for their corporate image.  I am so deeply touched when successful businesses lead the way in showing the world what a beautiful blessing disability truly is. 

It really is such an amazing thing.

And so is she.

Perfect in every way imaginable.

No longer an orphan–abandoned simply because she is “different.”  Gone are those days!  Glorious redemption has come and Harper’s life is shouting from the rooftops that…

“Down syndrome is a blessing!”

“Children with disabilities deserve amazing opportunities too.”

“Just give them a chance.  Please!” 

Thank you, PoshTots for leading the way.  Thank you for your amazing hearts and your willingness to go where few have gone.  It means more to us than you can ever know. 

Thank you for pioneering a movement to include, not exclude.

You guys totally rock!