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our rockin’ lads

One of the questions that Anthony and I get asked A LOT goes something like this…

“We would love to adopt a child, but we are concerned about our other children.  How will they adjust to having an adopted sibling?”

It’s a very legitimate concern.  One that most families deal with as they begin the adoption journey.

We have been so very blessed with our boys!  No doubt about it.  A while back I shared some thoughts on this topic here.

God has blessed us with three biological sons who constantly amaze us.

They are such treasures to us and we are so thankful that the Father knew we needed three boys.

Not to mention that I think they are all so stinking adorable!  I think they all look like their Dad.

I love these guys soooooo much.

Has adoption been easy for them?

How have they adjusted?

Was it love at first sight when they met their sisters?

How do they handle their special needs?

My dear husband has written a post that answers all these questions.  He also shares his heart about being one of those people who had some serious concerns about how adoption would affect our biological children.

Go right here to read about siblings and how ours have done as we have welcomed children into our home through the blessing of adoption.  This is the fifth post in Anthony’s series about “Reluctant Husband Syndrome.”  He’s an awesome writer and I am so thrilled that he has stepped out to share his own journey in the Lord when it comes to adoption and anything else God lays on his heart.

Go and read his post…and some pretty….ummmm…..profound thoughts from our boys.  Yeah, we’re all about deep thinking around here.  The lads really got into the interview, as you’ll see.