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pour down like rain

Ever felt like you’re standing under an open sky, arms outstretched, feeling like heaven is literally being poured out upon you? That feeling of being showered with heavenly rain.

Anthony and I are overwhelmed. We’re pretty wordy people. Never really at a loss for words. But even as I type, I can’t find the words to adequately express what is in my heart.

The outpouring of love that we are receiving as we journey to bring Hailee home has been incredible. Remember the naysayers? The ones who so openly told us we were absolutely nuts to bring this child home? Well, the God of the universe has taken every word of doubt, concern or lack of support that was shared and turned it all into something far more glorious. More glorious than we could ever have dreamed of.

It’s called the Body of Christ. No, actually, it’s called the Body of Christ in action! We stand amazed at how our teeny, tiny (Spirit filled, people loving, Word of God teaching, non-compromising, small mountain town dwelling, God fearing) church has embraced our Hailee. Not just as an orphan. No. Their child. To say that our hearts are deeply touched is such an understatement. It has been so humbling. So amazing.

I have such an excitement as we journey this road with our beloved church–adoption is new to them. The seed is being planted in the hearts of many–I can hardly wait to see the beautiful harvest that will come forth. Oh my gosh–this stuff seriously excites me. What can God do through a tiny little girl who is not even home yet?

And then there’s sweet Kelly. A very gifted woman of a mighty God. My word. Thank you to all of you who supported her fundraiser by buying her stunning creations. Kelly raised over $400.00 for our Hailee’s adoption. Is that amazing? I have never even met Kelly. She happens to live where we used to live before we moved to Colorado–I am so sorry we never met while we lived there. This is a woman with a huge servants heart–I am so blessed to know her. PLEASE support her and her little business. I am confident of one thing–that we can never out give the Almighty God. I know Kelly will be exceedingly, abundantly blessed as she has given. Thanks, friend.

Yes, indeed–standing under an open heaven and watching in amazement as the Everlasting Father once again shows us how deeply He cares for the children who wait. And at a complete loss for words as to how to thank those who have come alongside us and are running this race with us. As my precious pastor and beloved friend said, “A little girl is lying in a crib in Eastern Europe and she has no idea how people are fighting for her.”

Some day she will know that it was all because HE LOVES HER–that He reached down and rescued her from certain death. And He used His Glorious Body (not just one family, but an army of people) to do it. Hallelujah!