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seeing God’s kingdom come…together!

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations.”  ~~ Matt 28:19

Jesus wasn’t kidding when He said that in the book of Matthew.  He knew even then that the nations would need to hear the Good News.  Every single nation in the world! He knew that the world would become desperate for a Savior.  I guess that’s why He was so intentional about telling His beloved people to go.

Going doesn’t always mean leaving our own nation.  No, some are definitely called to stay and be salt and light right where they are.  We’re all called to be missionaries–whether we stay or whether we leave our city, our town, or our country and head for a faraway land. The mandate is the same–make disciples!

There are those whom He calls to sell everything, give up all that is comfortable, and GO to the places where He sends them.

Distant lands.

Unreached people groups.

Poverty that our human hearts can never fathom.




Many of you sowed such precious and eternal seed into a ministry that is so dear to my heart last December.  Together, you helped to build the very first home for Village of Hope–Guatemala.  That first house is nearly complete.  The Block and Ucherek families continue to trust the Father to lead them in the mission He has birthed in their hearts.  Their ministry has grown from a dream into something so big, so necessary in that land.

As Village of Hope has continued to grow and the needs of the people they serve has become more and more apparent and heartbreaking, God began to stir the hearts of another soldier couple in His army here in America.  They’re a family that has supported and encouraged the body of Christ for the sake of the orphan for many years.  They’ve given, blessed, and tirelessly rallied for many couples as they have fought with everything they have for children to come home. They’re champions for the cause of those who have HIV, and through their ministry Project Hopeful, hope has been restored to thousands who live with the virus around the globe.  They’re a couple that is all about their Father’s business.
And, they’ve opened their hearts and their home to some of the Father’s neediest angels.

Sweet Isaac learning to sign after being rescued from a mental asylum recently.

As busy as their lives are, God began to whisper to their hearts, “There’s more.”  “Your servants’ hearts are needed in a land accustomed to pain, to suffering.”

Now is the time. Go, Twietmeyers!”

They have heard the call of the Lord, and the Twietmeyer family has said yes to the ONE who has been faithful…no matter what!

Yes, to leaving behind the comfort and security of their home in this country.

Yes, to following His voice with reckless abandon.

Yes, to trusting the ONE who has called them by name.

Yes, to tough times, challenges, and intense stretching.

The Twietmeyers will be joining the Blocks in Guatemala and will serve at Village of Hope in any way they are needed.  This couple will soon be uprooting their large family (that is so excited to be following the Lord in this!) and will be heading overseas in sheer obedience.

One of the many things I love about the body of Christ is that we’re just that…a body!  A body requires all parts to be functioning in order to function well.

When there is a need, we give.

When there is pain, we love.

When there is sorrow, we embrace tightly.

We’re His body and when we come together to BE, we accomplish great things for His Kingdom.

The Twietmeyers are in a season when they need the body of Christ to rally for them.  There is simply no way that they can accomplish this mission alone–nor are they meant to.  As they are obedient to GO into the nations, we the body of Christ are called to come alongside them and support them in any way that God puts on our hearts. It’s just how the Kingdom of God works–together as one.

No missionary should ever walk alone!

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with this amazing couple as they head to Guatemala to BE the hands and feet of Jesus?  Would you consider being a part of the incredible work that is happening at Village of Hope by enabling another family to put boots on the ground and pour out sacrificial love to a people in need of hope and Good News?

Would you? Please?

We cannot all go, nor are we called to.  But what a profound difference we can make when we come alongside those who are called to go!  It’s sad to me that the one thing missionaries lack the most in faraway lands are finances.  That should truly be the last of their concerns.  They should have an overflowing abundance to lavish upon those who need it most.  

Any amount is beautiful seed that the LORD can grow.  No amount is too small.  Every single penny given is an investment in the Kingdom coming on the earth.  That’s eternal, friends.  This is storing up treasure in heaven!

You can read more of the Twietmeyer’s journey RIGHT HERE.  Their needs and prayer requests are listed there too.

In the meantime, if you feel led by the LORD to join this family on their mission from HIM, below are donation boxes.  ALL donations are tax-deductible.

To become monthly sponsors, please donate here.

Donation options

For a one-time love offering, please donate here.

To see some of the incredible things God is doing for the people of Guatemala through Village of Hope, go and read Amy’s blog RIGHT HERE.  Get the tissues ready!  This is the heart of the Father–it’s the Body of Christ in action.  This is His outstretched arm reaching the lost, the lonely, the broken, and the hurting through ordinary people who needed just one thing to be used by Him…willing hearts.

I am so thankful for those who go into all the nations to MAKE HIM KNOWN.

Thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with the Twietmeyers as they go to the nations.  Would you do just one more thing for me, please?  Would you please share this need and this incredible opportunity to see God’s kingdom expand on the earth?  I appreciate that so much!