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A Special Kind of Love

How many of you amazing moms parent children with special needs? By special needs, I mean any need—ADD, ADHD, diabetes, Cleft lip and palate, limb differences, behavioral issues, dyslexia, autism, learning disabilities…you name it.

If you do—we are in the same boat. God has called you and I to walk the same journey of unknowns, of day to day challenges and of never knowing what each day is going to bring. Navigating life with a child/children with needs certainly can be challenging. If you’re like me—I have days when I truly feel like I am swimming against the tide. I have days when I wonder if anyone can truly understand the journey God has me on in parenting my children (yes, I have two with special needs). I have my days when I long for encouragement—someone to say, “I understand”.

I recently came across a book which has been such an amazing encouragement to me. The book is filled with real stories from moms just like me—they have walked the road that I am on. They share their hearts and their stories. It was like water to my soul. I can highly recommend this book for any of you who just need someone to identify with your struggles, someone to say, “I understand”.

And then for those of you feeling the Father tugging at your heart—calling you to take in one of His precious children with special needs. For those of you feeling the pull toward adoption or foster care—this book is for you too. Allow God to speak to your heart as you read about the amazing journey others have taken. Allow Him, through the pages of this book, to inspire you to take the leap of faith He is calling you to do. It is so worth it!

The book is called A special Kind of Love. I can highly recommend it.

(This book is not an adoption only book—it is about real families sharing their incredible testimonies)