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thank you so much

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear friends for the huge number of you who have contacted me to say that you are standing with me in prayer for my court appointment tomorrow.  I so appreciate it–more than you will ever know.

My heart is at peace.  No matter what happens tomorrow, whether the judge waivers or implements the ten day waiting period, I know it will be God’s best! Because we’ve prayed. I Know that I know that my God is for me, and that no matter which way things go, it is going to be just fine.  I have faith so much bigger than a mustard seed, trusting Him for the waiver. That is all He requires of me right now. Complete trust. The outcome, I’ll leave in His capable hands.

My time with Hailee and Harper has been hit and miss this week.  Hailee pretty much sleeps 24/7.  The drug she has to take makes her so tired that even when she is awake, her little eyelids look like they must feel like lead.  She just cannot keep them open, no matter how hard she tries.  It kills me.

While Hailee sleeps, my littlest lovee and I have had some quality time together.

Oh this cherub, she is one tiny little bundle of huggable love.

Harper is as smart as they come.  She is very determined and knows exactly what she wants. She is going to be a very fast learner.

If there is one thing I am absolutely positive of with this angel it is that her little feet are hardly ever going to hit the ground at home.  Yep–she is all about being in arms.  She has figured that out very quickly with me. I told you she was a fast learner.

And when she looks at me with those beautiful eyes…well, all resistance crumbles.

How thankful I am to the Lord that He chose us!

Thank you for your love and your support, sweet friends. Thank you for praying. Let’s see what the Father does tomorrow. It’s ALL in His hands. I will update you just as soon as I can.

Please continue to pray for Hailee.  She is really struggling.  It is more than my heart can bear.

Love and hugs from the Ukraine.