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Thankful Thursday (on Friday)

Better late than never, hey? Thursday came and went way too quickly for my liking. How I wish time would just slow down.

So much to be thankful for—my heart is overflowing with gratitude. New seasons, new challenges and so much to look forward to. God is doing amazing things in my heart—stretching me, challenging me, increasing my desire for more of Him, increasing my passions for the things He has put on my heart—so much stirring in me.

Time to pause and be thankful—

I’m walking in His peace—that feeling of knowing that no matter what life throws my way, it is well with my soul! My peace comes from the One who holds my life in the palm of His hands, the One who longs to know me intimately. He is my peace.

The joy of laughter—sweet laughter that begins to hurt when you do it for such a long time. What a precious time we had with friends last night. I literally had a pain in my chest from laughing. How the Father must smile when His children laugh and enjoy sweet fellowship. I’m sure it must be music to His ears.

My joy—comes from choosing to live each day enjoying the blessings He has given me. Every single one of them. I will not allow the enemy to steal my joy, I absolutely will not! I am being intentional—learning to focus on the joys, not the hard times, not the hurts and not the disappointments. How He has blessed me with His good and pleasing gifts. What did I ever do to deserve them? Only by His amazing grace.

I am so thankful for contentment—learning to never seek more than He has given me, but being content with what I have. Such a hard lesson, one I fail (horribly) in so often. The desire of my heart is that Jesus will always be more than enough for me.

The beauty of prayer—how beautiful to know that we do not pray to a statue or an idol—no, every prayer that comes out of my mouth goes straight to the heart of the living God. How thankful I am that He knows me, and wants to know me more. There can be nothing sweeter than knowing that He longs to spend time with His daughter, sharing His heart with me, as I share mine with Him. How blessed I am.

The gift of silence—(not that I have too much of that around here) Sitting in the early hours of the morning and enjoying the silence before the craziness. How wonderful it is to sit with my Daddy in the quiet of the day. What a precious gift.

His spectacular creation —we must live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Stunning mountains, gorgeous trees and wide open spaces. Some days I look around and it almost takes my breath away. To think that He did it ALL for us! What a beautiful artist our Father is—what amazing lengths He went to to ensure that what He created was beautiful, all because He loves us. He absolutely does all things VERY well.

The joy of relationships—some come and go, but the blessing of kindred hearts is such a gift. I have many of them, most spread out around the world. Time and distance will never come between us—they are relationships orchestrated by the hand of the Father. I am so thankful for these precious women—who stick by me through thick and thin, who stand on the sidelines and cheer me on, no matter where God takes me. They know the God in me. They have shown me the joy of knowing unconditional love.

The gift of forever love—that I feel from my dearest husband. The one chosen for me, the one for life! How blessed I am to have this man—the one who I dream with, laugh with, cry with and share with. The one who knows me best—even without me having to say a word. I am so thankful.

There simply are no words to express my gratitude to my Father, who has blessed me with all of these.