the abundance of our God!

God’s people…you astound me!

As I have been tending to my croupy littlest lovie (including a mad dash to the ER at midnight when her airway almost completely closed up and she was gasping for breath and desperately needing steroids to bring relief), my cell phone constantly alerted me of donations which have literally been pouring in for Village of Hope, Guatemala.

Within 48 hours of posting about the matching grant, the total had been exceeded and the $7500 match secured.

An extra $16, 482 dollars came in toward the very first home for special-needs orphans when you rose up to meet the challenge of the matching grant.

But that’s not all.  At the same time as the matching grant fund was rising, so was the original Chip-In that I set up at the beginning of December.

Oh my goodness!

What an outpouring for LOVE for these missionaries and for the precious children they are so longing to help in Guatemala.

Last Friday I saw something incredible happening.  Many hearts in the adoption community were aching for the precious children of Russia–we had just heard the devastating news that President Putin had agreed to endorse a ban on all adoptions to America. A nightmare none of us saw coming came true. 

This is not new to us–we have seen doors close to many countries over the last few years and it is truly catastrophic! This is a spiritual battle for the lives of children! 

One of those countries is Guatemala–so very many orphans left without HOPE when they could no longer be adopted.  The thing is, when doors close, we cannot sit back and do nothing–we are called by God to care for the fatherless–by going, by giving, by supporting, by praying, and by doing anything we possibly can to make a difference–even from afar!

I watched teary-eyed as God’s people did just that!  You rose up and did SOMETHING to help–even when you could not personally go to Guatemala.  

Even when you could not adopt a child from that nation.

Even when you knew you would never be repaid for your kindness.

You gave.


As unto the LORD. 

It is with a heart overflowing with thankfulness that I can share with you all that together we have not only met our $30,0000 goal for Village of Hope…


A grand total of $34,190 has been raised!


One entire HOME is ready to be built.  No loans.  No borrowing.  Just the Father’s amazing provision for His beloved children!

Not only have you ensured that this house will be built, but all extra funds will be put toward furnishing it and making it a HOME–a place where the most vulnerable of the Father’s flock can have a safe to place to belong and be loved!  How awesome is that?

Today I am reminded once again that the God we serve is an abundant Father.  How he blesses His children in need and pours down manna from heaven!…

…and He uses us…His body.

Thank you, army of God.  Thank you for caring so deeply.  You inspire me and remind me of what is important in this life…to simply love one another as He first loved us.

Since today is the last day for this Mission: A House For LIFE, I am going to keep the Chip-In up until the end of the day for those of you who would still love to be a part of the miracle that God is doing at Village of Hope–Guatemala.  Any tax-deductible donation that you make today will go toward buying furnishings and necessary supplies for the HOME which is soon to be built. 

All glory to God in the highest.  GREAT things He has done!

From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU!