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to dream again

One of the things that Anthony and I get asked the most is this: “We don’t feel called to adopt.  We don’t feel called to be missionaries. But what can we do to make a difference?  What can we do to help?”

We understand.  With all our hearts, we do.  We’ve been there. It’s so easy to look beyond our four walls and feel like the needs of the world are just so vast, so utterly overwhelming.  It’s sometimes easier to just pretend that the harshness of this life doesn’t exist.

How can my small contribution possibly make a difference in the life of anyone at all, we wonder.

How can we know that the seed we sow is even going to end up where it’s meant to be?

Today I want to tell you that it IS possible for your pennies to make a difference!

It IS possible for your contribution to make a profound difference in the life of another human being. One whom you will more than likely never lay eyes on personally (although, even that may be possible!).

It is my honor and my privilege to introduce you to Sarah.  Sarah is one of our residents at Rahab’s Corner in Uganda who wanted to share her story with the world.  Sarah’s former life is one which most of us truly cannot even begin to understand.  A life of just surviving every day.  A life of pain and suffering.  A life of unfathomable shame. I ache just thinking about what these precious women in the slums endure every single day of their lives.

Sarah arrived at our Rahab’s Corner home broken, hurting and desperate for someone to just give her another chance.

Desperate for someone to believe in her.

Anthony met Sarah last August and was so deeply moved by her tender heart, her strength and her courage.  Sarah has overcome more than I ever will in my entire life!  She has been victorious.  An overcomer!  Please take two minutes to watch this video.  You won’t be sorry.  I promise!

Because someone believed that she could.

Sarah Shares from Adeye Salem on Vimeo.

Sarah is such a precious part of Rahab’s Corner.  No longer does she live without hope!  No longer does she live in guilt and shame!  Sarah is finally able to use the gifting and the dream that GOD has put in her heart and is attending fashion design school.

The gift of being able to dream again!  Sarah is on the left.


In just two short years, Rahab’s Corner has gone from a big dream in the hearts of a few, to a small rented house that we quickly outgrew, to finally moving into our very own home which we built on some land just outside Kampala.

Moving into their brand-new home last week. Great things HE has done!


God has been so faithful to hear the cry of our hearts and move heaven and earth to enable us to help more ladies–many who come to us with their precious and very loved children.

Our most treasured residents at Rahab’s Corner.


But the need is great, friends.  And we’re only just beginning.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday.  As we head into 2017  with big dreams for what God has only just began here, would you prayerfully consider sowing seed onto this fertile soil?  Would you link arms with our team at Pure & Faultless as we grow deeper, grow further and grow wider in our efforts to help others just like our precious Sarah?  Yes, the needs are completely overwhelming. We know that!  But we also know that just as Jesus signaled out the ONE at the pool in Bethesda in John, Chapter 5, so He calls you and me to love the ONE in front of us.  To give, to help, to do what we can for the ONE.

It makes such a difference!

We would absolutely love to have you journey with us as we touch heaven and change earth.

One of the things that was of utmost importance to the core families who established Pure & Faultless two years ago was that funds donated to adoptive families and funds donated toward specific ministries whom we partnered with around the globe would go to those causes.  Every penny given. Nothing would be withheld.  No percentage would cover our overheads. To partner with us in any of our ministries around the world, please GO HERE.

We would be so grateful if you would like our Pure & Faultless Facebook page and our Rahab’s Corner page, please.  Thank you!

Pure & Faultless has been given full and complete permission to publish images and stories of our residents.