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To Hospital

Teeth, good dental hygiene, teaching kids to brush well and to floss–all the things we parents teach our little ones from the time they get those first teeth. It’s one of those things that comes as naturally as eating an apple. That is, unless you’re an orphan. I never thought much about it until I took Haven to the dentist. It’s one of those things I just assumed all kids learn how to do.

We knew something was wrong. From the first day that we got Haven we realized that she could not even hold a toothbrush, she was clueless. But oh my word, I was so not prepared for the dentists findings–in her eight years in the orphanage Haven had most probably NEVER had her teeth brushed. Ever! Can you imagine? The plaque buildup on her teeth is so severe that it has actually gone under her gums and caused infection and inflammation. It has also caused her teeth to discolor so badly that some of them look brown. Plaque–from total neglect! Poor baby.

Due to her extreme fear of anything that remotely resembles anyone in the medical field, we have decided that it would be so much less traumatic if she had a general anesthetic to have her teeth taken care of. I just cannot imagine how we would ever get her to lie still in the dentists chair for several appointments to take care of all the damage. It would never work. We have no idea how many cavities there are either.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the day. Haven will finally get her teeth taken care of. I know she is going to hate being in the hospital and will most probably freak out, but praise God for anesthetic! I would so appreciate your prayers as we go to the hospital tomorrow. Mostly pray that Haven will be at peace. This stuff is a huge deal for our sweetie. She is absolutely terrified of doctors…and I mean terrified.

Thank you for your love and your prayers, precious friends. I appreciate you all so very much.